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Hmmm- maybe our experience last year can shed some light- Utah's notifications were a bit "wonky" and stretched out. DS auditioned on the October date. 

Ten days later he received an email accepting him into the summer intensive. Three weeks after the audition he received via mail acceptance to the dance department with "formal letter" to come in March.   The third week of January he received acceptance to the school with academic scholarship (not WUE though we qualify) when we asked why not the WUE, the financial aid dept told us in the long run the scholarship he received would come off out of state tuition the first year then instate as they expected that since he was a dance major he would stay the summer and apply for instate tuition. I found that leap of thinking a bit odd.    Honors College acceptance came in mid February. Early March the formal dance notification came.  Dance scholarships came at the very end of March- we received one letter and then a second one dated 2 days later with a different amount. 


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I think the moral of the story is that the news will come when it comes. 

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DD just completed audition in Nashville.  About 20 dancers, all girls. 

DD's friend who did a regional audition just a couple weeks ago already got acceptance to ballet program (about 3 days after the audition). The letter (by email) said she received an "early acceptance" and asked the family to let the school know ASAP what their plan is because they have other applicants waiting for the spot.  Alas, so I guess if DD did not receive letter soon we know she is not getting an "early acceptance" spot.


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clarify the "letter" is by email
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dancingSJ, just out of curiosity, were all twenty dancers there for college, or was it also a summer audition? DD did a regional audition once and it was about 5 for summer and 15-20 for college, if I recall. And wow about your DD's friend. She must be a very good dancer to receive such an encouraging early acceptance.

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The 20 quoted above were all for college. There were 5 more for SI only. 

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Thanks dancingSJ. Sounds about like what my DD experienced.

cat11, this post gives an idea of how many dancers are in the major, year to year. It was back on page 22 but is from about this time last year.

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dancingjet - thanks for referring us back to those posts - there was a trove of good information there.  I am going to have to read them again.

But one observation I made from reading these posts and also similar post about Bulter - that is this idea that - either the current Freshman class or may be one or two classes ago - that the class size is the "largest ever" - so my thought is this - Ballet is getting popular - more and more dancers go into it - if they have accepted more students than the school expected in the last few years, would the school try to compensate by reducing the number of offers they make in current year?

With ballet jobs pretty limited - it would make sense not to graduate too many students who flood the market and cannot find jobs.  But then of course makes it more competitive for our DKs.  

Anyway, I guess this would be a question I would ask them if DD is accepted into the program.

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I have not heard about the WUE until now. I'd probably qualify, but I did not apply. I won't specify what scholarship I was awarded (for privacy sake).

At my audition, they say they are expecting to have 32-35 freshman next year. So I'd estimate maybe 40-50 accepted initially?

Also, sheahuang, thanks for the thorough timeline.

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Airbell12 - from what my daughter said, you do not apply for WUE, you just automatically are considered based on the state you are coming from.  I hope this is correct!  She said it specifically said it was an automatic thing.  But, the funds are limited so early applications and great academics help.

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Lady Elle is correct about the WUE, no separate application is needed. A list of academic scholarships available to freshman candidates is available here: https://financialaid.utah.edu/types-of-aid/scholarships/freshman/index.php

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DD got a letter from Utah and figured it was just another letter (fill out your FAFSA, check out our housing!, etc.). She opened it, saw it was from the College of Fine Arts and got excited. Read further and saw it was a "Welcome to the college of fine arts, gee, some majors require an audition so be sure to audition for your desired major if you need to, acceptance to the university isn't a guarantee of acceptance to your major, blah blah, blah." What a roller coaster of emotions in one simple envelope. Poor kid just wants to hear yes from them.

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Yes we got that today too!! I texted her and told her we got the decision from Utah and asked if I could open, she said "no" so I had to wait until she got home just to get this silly letter 🙄

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