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We have heard from reliable sources that Atilla will be directing Utah Ballet this year. DD has been in the High School University Program for the past two years and she will be a HS senior this year. She was in Utah Ballet last year and was asked to return again this coming year. After the audtions the faculty members that attended the audition go and discuss every dancer and decide which level they will be placed in. Most incoming freshman are placed in the 2290 class, but we know of some that were placed in 3290 or even 4290. At the end of the school year the dancers participate in a practicum--they have a choice of 3 or 4 pieces--and the faculty come and watch. They again talk about every dancer and decide which level they should be placed in for the next school year. A letter arrives in July telling you which level you are in or if you have been invited to join the company. If you are invited to be in the company there are a list of conditions that you need to adhere to, including physique. If you are in Utah Ballet they do measure and weigh you--this is done by the ballet mistress (a grad student) and I believe this is done once each semester. My daughter was under the impression that it has something to with sizing for costumes because they want the dancers to fit into the pre-existing costumes. Even though DD is so much younger than most students, she has made some really good friends and has found that most of the dancers are very supportive of her (there are always a few that make comments) and very friendly. She has loved the atmosphere and enjoyed working with all the faculty. Like at any school you will like some teachers better than others, but she has been able to learn different things from each teacher. Most of the faculty teach Vaganova.

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Courtney's mom:


Thanks for the input. I'm planning to audition in March. I'm a new BT member so I'm not sure if this is allowed, but can you tell me generally what kind of measurements they require for height/weight. I just want to get an idea of what this program is looking for in terms of that criteria.



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Unless the company has posted written and specific height/weight restrictions, please do not post subjective estimates here. Just a reminder that we do not allow anyone to post their specific weight on BT either. It is fine to talk about what appears to be the body type most preferred, but please be clear that this is your own conclusion, not a published policy. :o

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Ok..I totally understand. Sorry about that.


Another question...so it seems that pointework is offered on a daily basis (including pointe class and partnering). Can someone verify this, because in my research of my top BFAs, it seems that daily pointework is hard to find.

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When I was there (graduated May 2007): levels 1, 3, and 4 have pointe class M,W,F. level 2 has pointe T, TH. starting in your second year (most students' level 2) you can take pas de deux twice a week. rehearsals for level 4 (Utah Ballet) are every day for two and a half hours and most of the pieces are on pointe. Other than that, there are usually a few showcase (student choreographed) and ensemble (faculty/guest choreographed) pieces on pointe, although that depends on the choreographer and often are not on pointe. I know that this year, there are new people coming into the faculty and some things seem to be changing, so I dont know exactly how things are now.

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There is a wide variance in body types ranging from very short to very tall, thin to muscular. Some have long arms and legs, some have short. All the dancers are in shape, but there isn't a cookie-cutter look. I think they are looking more at the quality of dance and if the dancer has enough strength for a rigorous program. They do take measurements of height and weight (no waist or hip measurements)--sometimes at the audtion, sometimes during your first year (this has always been done by a female assistant). My daughter said it's not a big deal--heard it was just to have a baseline measurement so the faculty can be aware of any eating disorders. This is my daughter's 2nd year in Utah Ballet and they have never weighed her since becoming a member.

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Last night I went to see the musical, Beauty and the Beast. Dancing the part of the corkscrew en pointe was a Utah ballet grad. She also danced a few other non pointe ensemble pieces. She was very good!

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The school I trained with (in Utah) sent several dancers on to U of U. We also had twice as many who auditioned and were not accepted. Of the dancers who studied there with whom I was well acquainted I only know of one who did not go on to a professional career; she chose full time motherhood instead. The others danced with Nashville Ballet, Eugene Ballet, San Diego Ballet, and one has had several jobs on Broadway and at Tokyo Disney. Three of my friends who studied there also apprenticed with Ballet West. In my estimation it is a good program.

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I have a young dancer who is considering auditioning for this ballet program. We hear that it is changing, they have a new director, at least interim director! Part of the changes appear to be a shift toward Vaganova! Is this true?


The U of U and the Ballet West school or it could be company have a joint Summer Intensive this year which indicates a connection between the two, is this also true, the connection I mean? In Pointe magazine they had an Ad. and it made me look up the company and the university ballet department and it says that those attending the summer program will be looked at for second company consideration which is a very big thing. How can the company be changing to Russian ballet when the company appears to be a very American company, none Russian in style?


We don't want to waste time and money any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

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Isobel, you've got me completely lost!! :) What ballet program are you referring to? Is it a college program you are asking about or a company's program? Your post isn't clear at all.

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Sorry Ms. Leigh, I was at my at friends house who put me onto this site, she must have been logged in and didn't realize my goof! I thought I was under my name but I'm not very good with computers and she must have been logged on. What should I do?

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Don't do anything, Isobel. I will remove PasdeTrois' post. No big problem, just confusion. Using the same computer is not a great idea! :)

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