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lizzyhults that is great to hear! Was it departmental or from the university? If it's due 3/23 I'm guessing it's from the department...

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Congrats to your daughter! I was hoping mine might get something from the department, but so far no email.

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Lizzyhults1 - yay!! 😊 So happy for you!

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Just curious if anyone from ballet has received any dance scholarships yet? Wondering if no word here means no scholarship or if it might mean they haven't sent anything out yet. DD is wondering if they wait until you commit before sending them out. She seems to remember OU stating that.

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We have not committed. Not sure we can by the deadline either. :( said we will lose it if we don’t respond by March 24

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Thank you Millvillemurphs-my dd was happy to hear that. 

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On 6/3/2016 at 6:06 PM, millvillemurphs said:

pavlova, Your instincts are good - go for the plan with the most flex dollars. DD had the full plan the first semester last year out of an abundance of caution. We backed it down to the flex 150 ($400 flex dollars) the second semester. She used almost all the flex dollars and still ended up with meals left. She found it difficult to get to the dining hall for lunch or dinner when tech rehearsals and performances were happening. She did, however, augment liberally with provisions from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Smiths - all easily reached via Trax.


On 6/3/2016 at 2:37 PM, pavlova said:

DD will be starting her Freshman year this fall as a Ballet BFA. Any opinions as to the best meal plan choice? I am assuming with the dance classes quite a ways from the dorm cafeteria, many meals will be bought at on-campus outlets using flex dollars. Looking for the most economical and practical choice. Any advice would be appreciated! :)

I found these two posts way back in this thread. I'd love to hear more thoughts on this. DD is this close to committing and selecting housing, and we need to get our ducks in a row!

From what I understand, dancers can take a lunch to-go from the cafeteria, and dinner runs late. So in theory, a dancer could be doing three meals a day on school days from the main cafeteria. But the flex dollars seem like a nice option, too. Can you add more flex dollars at any time, if necessary? 

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I believe you can add ‘dining dollars’ at any time. We just chose the full dining plan for fall semester ‘18 as it was not a huge difference in cost (surprisingly) and we are not sure how DD’s schedule will play out yet. It allows 3 meals a day (2 take-out meals a day) plus brunch and dinner on weekends and the max flex dollars. I believe you can change the meal plan up until a certain point too if needed. 

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For those who might be considering the U for next year, one piece of advice is to start the school year in shape! They held auditions for the October and February performances on the third day of school.

In general terms, DD is happy there and glad she chose this school. Freshmen start their days at 8:05 a.m. every day this semester, and if they're rehearsing they are on campus until 6:30 p.m. at the latest. After two weeks I think DD is starting to feel more at home and getting her daily routines figured out.

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Does anyone know how many students are in the typical freshman class?  DD received an acceptance last week and I'm trying to put some kind of spread sheet together to help her keep each program separate.  We both loved the program and especially liked the faculty we met at the audition. One shining point for me was the student panel who did a GREAT job of answering all of the parents questions 😊


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I'd say roughly 30-35.

Edited to add I looked at the courses and the freshman-level technique course has 29 enrolled. I know of at least two dancers that are probably not in that level that are freshmen. Looks like there are 118 dancers total enrolled over 5 levels of ballet technique this semester (29, 32, 27, 27, and 3).

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