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KatMcNally and dancingjet, thank you both so much for all this information! It is so helpful and I really appreciate it! My DD is pre-registered for the ballet audition on July 6! We will have to see how it goes and take it from there. But I am so happy to see she does have options to double major if she is accepted into the ballet BFA program. She also wants to go into healthcare after a dance career. 

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You're welcome. Good luck to her this weekend!

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My daughter shared with me some information about the Utah Ballet 1 auditions for this semester so I thought I'd post an update here in case anyone was curious. They're auditioning for 4 pieces over the span of 3 days. Jay Kim (on staff) is casting for Giselle (Act 2 I think), Pablo Piantino (on staff) is casting for a Cerrudo piece (I assume that's Alejandro Cerrudo but am not 100% positive), and then Susan Jaffe and Charles Anderson are guests coming in to set pieces. Last year they did all of the UB1 auditions in one day, so working over three days is different (for this year anyway). Last year they also auditioned for Utah Ballet 2 that same day, but this year the auditions will happen in October after the fall break.

For anyone who is curious about leveling and enrollment, now that DD has been there a year she has seen that a very small number of freshmen can be placed at least one level above the traditional freshman level (in 3290 vs. 2290, for example), a very small number of sophomores can be placed a level up (or more) from the traditional sophomore level (in 4290 vs. 3290), and it is possible to be asked to repeat a level. In her class, at least two dancers have already changed majors. Looking at the course catalog/schedule, current enrollment in the 5 levels of technique classes is 23, 33, 25, 20, and 4 for a total of 105 dancers enrolled in technique classes (no idea if any of that will change between now and when classes start on Monday).

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Yes, it is Alejandro Cerrudo.  Pablo Piantino danced and worked with him during his time at Hubbard Street.  Last year's rep class was exposed to Cerrudo's work during the semester.  Your DD may have seen a piece at Pau Hana (end of year party for dance dept).  Every year DD has been there auditions have been a little different. In addition to the auditions for UB1 there will be an audition for showcase.  Showcase is a student run and choreographed show.  So lots of exciting opportunities to dance this semester.

There will also be many exciting pieces for UB2 and Gala as well.  Line up for UB2 is La Vivandiere (staged by Chris Alloways-Ramsey), new works by faculty Melissa Bobick and Rick McCullough, and new work by guest choreographer Heather Gray.  Gala line up is DonQ Act 1 (ballet students -staged by Jay Kim), new works by faculty Christine McMillan (open to both ballet and modern students), new work by faculty Eric Handman (for modern students), and new work by guest choreographer Darrell Grand Moultrie (open to both ballet and modern students).  DD is very excited about the performance opportunities this year.

As for placement in classes (2290, 3290, 4290, and 4590), incoming freshmen are generally in 2290 but can be and have been placed in every level during DD's time there.  Dancers can repeat a year or be moved up two or three levels at a time.  I believe 4790 is for UU dancers dancing with professional companies who wish to continue working on their degree.  I believe this would include any dancers who are both UU dance students and Ballet West trainees (I know of one but there may be more). Faculty place the dancers in class with best fit for dancer's needs.  There is attrition throughout the program for various reasons.  For DD year group, I believe there were 29-30 in her freshman class-one graduated in 3 years, and I think there are 20 or so still dancing.  

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Hi Anniecat, was wondering how your DD's audition experience went on July 6.  Could you tell me how long the audition went,  approximately how many students were there, and how long the interview was, etc?  Any information you can give would be great.  Also, did you take the dance department tour and thoughts on that?  Thanks so much in advance for your time!

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Looking for housing input as far as residence halls, location relative to dance studios and dining, and any other input from current students/parents. The wish I would have known or thought of - or wish I lived there type of thing. Housing opens in a couple of weeks and we have not physically visited yet so really hoping for insight! Thanks!

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Generally speaking the dorms are all in one location and about as far from the dance building as possible. 😉 The honors dorm is closer, as is Lassonde, if either of those could be an option for your dancer. Freshman year my daughter lived in a single in a two bedroom room in Sage Point on the fine arts floor. She like having her own room and was fine sharing a bathroom with her roommate (a studio art major). She made several friends on her floor that year. She had friends in some of the other dorms that were closer to the Heritage Center (where they eat, get mail, etc.). Her building was the furthest from the HC so she got some steps in every morning and evening that she went to the HC for meals. There is a shuttle that goes around campus so there is an option. My daughter appreciated that at the end of a long day, as it's an uphill walk going home from the dance center to the dorms. If you look up the Heritage Center on a map of campus you can see the other dorms relative to that as well as the Marriott Center for Dance. I can't think of anything else offhand but feel free to ask if you have other questions. 

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dancingjet, That is great info - thanks! Was the fine arts floor an automatic option when she logged in to select housing or did she need to contact someone to add her to the potential list? And did she actually select the room or just was assigned the room after saying that Sage was her first choice? 

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I'm trying to remember. I think she had to apply to be on the fine arts floor. Here is more info on that: https://housing.utah.edu/housing-options/living-learning-communities/fine-arts-floor/ I do know that we put in a deposit or something to register her for the housing lottery and then when her time came up she was able to choose the room she wanted on that floor.

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I thought I'd share a brief update on the subject of double majoring. DD thought she'd pursue a minor but has now decided to double major in Psychology and add on a studio teaching certificate. She mapped out a plan that gets it done in 4 years, and that includes three summers. Units each semester look like they'll range from 15-21, and summer units are ranging from 6-9 units. A lot of this working smoothly depends on being able to take online courses. DD is meeting with an academic advisor next week to look over her plans. 

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sbush, my daughter has residency now and there is information about it here: https://admissions.utah.edu/apply/residency/

Essentially students have to be physically in the state of Utah for all but 29 days in a 365 day period. The onus is on the student to prove that they were in the state (transcripts, pay stubs, card swipes at the rec center or dining hall, debit card receipts, etc.). Also, parents cannot claim the student on their tax return as a dependent. My daughter stayed last summer for summer school. 

It is a huge savings overall if your student does not get a full tuition scholarship. It's hard not having them able to come home as much but it was worth it to us. You can compare in state and out of state tuition here: https://fbs.admin.utah.edu/income/tuition/

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I was accepted into the ballet program, and in the email they said I was already being considered for scholarships. I submitted the ballet program scholarship application, however I haven’t heard anything. Does this mean I did not receive a scholarship? Has anyone already been offered a scholarship for ballet?

Thank you!

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