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There have been changes. The director this year is interim. She stated to an auditioning group that there would be a permanent director next year. This was news to the current student I know.


The changes have been in the styles taught and styles emphasized. There was a mix of instructors from all different backgrounds. This is the last year for Conrad Ludlow. He is retiring. Last year there was no one style/technique emphasized. Cannot say the same for this year.


Ballet West's SI has been held in the U of U facilities. Some of the faculty at U of U also teach at Ballet West. The biggest changes in the advertised SI are the chance to get college credit and the chance to be accepted into the U of U ballet department.

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I didn't pick-up from what I read that the Summer program could be used as an audition for the university program, that is very interesting! What is known of the connection to the Ballet West second company?

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From the U of U Ballet Dept website....


Summer Intensive 09


Two four-week sessions:

June 15-July 10 & July 13-August 7


Full eight-week session:

June 15-August 7


Summer Intensive Participants will:


* Learn from the internationally-renowned faculty of the University of Utah Department of Ballet, the Ballet West Academy, and the dancers and artistic staff of Ballet West, featuring Artistic Director Adam Sklute


* Experience a comprehensive curriculum at the University of Utah’s world-class dance facilities and audition for admittance to the Department of Ballet.


* Earn college credit. (Qualified college students.)


* Be considered as candidates for Ballet West II.


* Stay in the same lodging accommodations used by the athletes of the 2002 Winter Games.


* Enjoy Utah’s great outdoors.


Audition information coming soon.


Current University of Utah ballet majors need not audition, and may register to receive credit if they complete the full 8-week course.


New students attending the summer program may apply to University as a ballet majors and audition during the summer intensive. (application fee of $45.00 waived).


For more information:

Please call 801-581-8231 or email info@ballet.utah.edu

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sqmca, thank you for going to so much trouble! It is really appreciated! I think I need to look for and read all of the small print in the future! This really is a new program isn't it. A company and a university joining forces for the first time.

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A small correction...ballet companies and universities have been joining forces for years. This idea is definitely not a new one. :wink:

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The U of U/BW connection isn't a new one, but its a revival. For a long time, the two have been very separated. BW used to draw a lot from the U, just not in recent years. I have heard that Adam Sklute is unhappy about bringing in so many outside dancers when there is so much talent here in Utah. So, now they are reconnecting with the U, and even with the studios around town-word is that Adam Sklute and Peter Christie (the school director) are coming to see our community production of Nut so they can get a glimpse of the upcoming talent.

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The U's program is not Balanchine based.


Here are the faculty bios.


It is a mixture of styles.


I believe that Conrad Ludlow is the only instructor who directly danced for Balanchine (he has in fact delayed his retirement :)) .


In fact more than 50% of the classes have a Vaganova leaning.


The new director has not yet been named, and it seems as if Ms. Arnold will remain the director for the rest of this academic year. There has been some sort of administrative reorganization that I do not understand. Ballet and Modern are now under the same umbrella yet still separate. I would explain it if I could. When I ask questions about it, I am left still very vague on what it all means.



Call the Ballet department with any questions. The staff are wonderful!

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Is anyone going to the November 7th audition?


Also, for any current students, where is there a good dance store around? I'm assuming there is a good one, but don't know what is good just by looking online.


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The dance stores closest to the University are Dancewear Unlimited and Dancewear Incorporated. Dancewear Unlimited is more focused towards the ballet side of dance, incorporated more towards the jazz and contemporary end. Both stores are located on the same street about 3 miles apart so if one doesn't have what you are looking for the other might. Both don't have the best inventory but for essentials you can usually find them. If you want a really good selection of shoes and clothing I would try Pats Dancewear in Bountiful (about 20 minutes from the University). The best store with the biggest selection of shoes (particularly Freeds) and leotards would be Danceworks in Provo (about an hour away from the university).

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Do the other store have a good Freed collection too?

I wish I could go out to the one in Provo. Sounds like exactly what I need...

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Usually no, they carry Freed Studios but if you wear Classics the Salt Lake stores do not carry them. But sometimes the Salt Lake stores do not have all sizes.


Hope your audition goes well :wink:

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Is anyone going to the Feb 20th audition? I am! I'm excited as ever!


I would like to say that I was not accepted academically into the University, but I received a letter that said I was eligible for sponsorship consideration.

"sponsorship consideration is on an exception basis if a student's special talent,life experience, and or diversity enhances the institutions life and character" I spoke with the head of the department, Ms Bene Arnold and she told me a little more about it and that they reviewed my files and they'll be looking out for me at the audition. I'm excited about that. I hope they decide to sponsor me because I REALLY want to go to the U. Its my top choice college right now!

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Does anyone know the format of the audition tomorrow? I received the email confirmation for the audition, but never received the promised letter with extra details... earlier in this thread, someone mentioned the admission process involved an 1 1/2 hour ballet class with 1/2 hour pointe class afterward... Is that all involved? I'm supposed to show up at 8am, but I don't know anything else!

Thanks in advance! :]

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Regarding the audition tomorrow, anyone that goes, please share details such as how many auditioned, etc. DD sent video audition in and they said that we wouldn't hear any until after the Feb. 20 auditions. Thanks for sharing and good luck to all!

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