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Esmeralda, I think Colleges in general are struggling to find the path forward for  the end of the semester, their summer programs and ultimately enrollment for the coming new year due to Covid 19.  My daughters college has changed their plan for both the summer and  enrollment for the fall almost on a weekly basis.  I am not sure how many weeks it has been since you received your acceptance email but you might want to email them referring to your acceptance email and ask the question.  Everything has probably been delayed.

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I agree with bbyblmrs that things my not be operating the way they have historically. I saw a note on Facebook from the Utah office of financial aid and scholarships: "We are operating remotely at this time and can answer your questions over e-mail. Email us at financialaid@utah.edu." For what it's worth, when my daughter applied as a new student only students receiving dance scholarships heard anything. She did not get one and did not get anything like "thanks for applying but we're not giving you one". As a current student she has received some scholarships the last two years and heard both times around early- to mid-March.

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On 11/11/2020 at 7:59 PM, Mconti said:

Has anyone heard back from the ballet program after video submission prior to Nov 1?

Nope. Still waiting!

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We really thought we would know by now - the web site says 2 weeks!  I assume they will tell us either way but who knows!  My son is a sophomore there (not in dance) and he says business is far from usual these days so maybe that explains the delay?

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We are in the same boat. After applying, dd got a form email from an admissions counselor asking her to please reach out with any questions. She has replied with questions twice in the last 10 days - no response. 😞

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Dd received her acceptance to the Ballet BFA today, contingent on being generally admitted to the university. She submittens her materials Nov 1. Hopefully some other dancers heard today too!

Still no responses to her emails, but she got a form email this week from the University letting her know that they received and are reviewing her general application. 

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DD also received her acceptance into the Ballet BFA program today. The letter mentioned that we would hear about University acceptance by mid-January (possibly sooner). She also received an invite to the Ballet Summer Intensive.

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Congratulations! My daughter got her acceptance today as well.  Sounds like they’ll hear about acceptance to the university mid-January. 

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My dd received a rejection. She seems to be taking it pretty well. I think she may redo her video and reapply for the January deadline. And she has a couple of other schools that she is still waiting on.

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12 hours ago, Sweetpeacc99 said:

My dd received a rejection. She seems to be taking it pretty well. I think she may redo her video and reapply for the January deadline. And she has a couple of other schools that she is still waiting on.

Sorry she didn’t get better news, and best wishes for her (and you!).  The college process is rough.  May she land just where she is supposed to be!

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Congrats Mconti and AAAsMom! Hopefully we will all hear about the university acceptance soon.


Sweetpeacc99, my dd’s first notification from a college program was a rejection... like your dd, she took it pretty well - better than I did. I tend to over analyze everything! These dancers are resilient in so many ways. I hope your dd gets good news soon from one of the other programs she is waiting on!

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