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DD attended the 2/20 audition. She thought there were 65 girls and 2 guys. We both thought the campus, dance facilities, town,etc were beautiful. Everyone was friendly and very helpful. DD enjoyed the audition class-it class lasted 2 hours. There were several faculty watching. They asked each dancer the status of their academic acceptance. There was not a parent meeting. They said that letters would be sent in 1-3 weeks. We rode the "Trax" to go into town which was very user friendly. There are campus shuttles that run Mon-Fri. We were encouraged to call or e-mail with any questions. They have a lovely 330 seat theatre in the dance department.


DD received an e-mail last night from Ballet West congratulating her on her acceptance to the University of Utah Ballet Department and informing her that she was therefore accepted to their Summer Intensive.


Good Luck to others waiting for a response. This program has moved to my DD's #1 choice.

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Tendu, thank you for sharing the audition information. My DD has already been accepted to U of U as a Pre-Nursing major. She also applied to double major in Ballet (by DVD); we're still waiting to hear. Congratulations to your DD! I've heard great things about this ballet program. Best of luck to your DD in her future!

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We're considering visiting the U of U over spring break; my daughter is a junior. I've heard the calibre of dancer is of the highest level. So I'm wondering about the audition: do they take only the most experienced, highly skilled dancers? Do they accept dancers who are at level 4 (out of 6?)


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My DD attended the Saturday, November 6th audition. There were 24 women and one male. We were told that the February audition will fill up to the 75 maximum. The audition class was approximately 90 minutes long and included pointe. Dancers had the option of remaining to take a master class with Olaf Hofer of the Berlin State Ballet School, which was also about 90 minutes long.


Several of the dancers and parents attended an information session on the Friday before the audition. Bene Arnold and her assistant, Glenda Jean Holt, held an information session and then gave us a tour of the dance building, answering more questions as they arose. We were told that there are about 100 dancers in the program, including 9 or 10 graduate students. There are 8-10 males among those 100 dancers. There is no set number of students admitted to ballet each year; students have to be able to dance at the level deemed necessary by the department. We were told that double majoring is encouraged and that the ballet department will work with the dancer to try to make scheduling of dance department classes work. The number of students currently double majoring is 10-12.


That afternoon (Friday) the university recruitment office offered an information session at 1 pm, a campus tour at 2 pm, and a housing tour at 3 pm.

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Twinkle mom - What was your dd's assessment of the technical level of most of the auditionees? Has anyone from the Nov. audition heard results yet?


Have just reread this thread and once again gotten excited about the Utah ballet program, but I do wonder about the plans for hiring new faulty, a permanent director, etc...Seems like there is a bit of transition and so I wonder about any new directions the dept. might be taking. Can anyone comment on this and on a previous post that discussed reorganization of ballet combined with modern dept.? Is there currently a search for a director to take over for Ms Arnold? Carol Iwasaki was listed as on sabbatical previously, but it appears she is no longer listed as faculty??


Thanks in advance for any updates!

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I called about something else recently and spoke with the department head, who was very helpful -- of course I can't remember her name. She did tell me that Calvin Kitten of Joffrey is there teaching this year, but she didn't know for sure if he would be there next year.

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My DD is a Junior in high school. We are very interested in UU when she graduates. I have a few questions:


1. Does anyone know if attending Ballet West's SI is helpful for admisiion to UU's Dance Dep't? Is there a connection between the two?


2. As a Junior should DD audition in the fall '11 or winter '12? I'm not worried about academic acceptance, just concerned about being accepted to UU and not the Dance Dep't. What is the time frame between acceptances or are they simulatenous?


3. Does UU have a weeklong SI, like Indiana, that dancers can try the studios, teachers, etc while also touring the campus?


Thank you for any help :thumbsup:

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The SI as an indicator of a college program was discussed on the Butler thread as well. I don't know how U of U works their program, but the SI's do not necessarily have the same program set-up or instructors. At both Butler and IU, the instructors are not the same as the University program, if I recall.

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I asked DD about the technical level of the audition class participants on the way to dance class. She doesn't remember, so later tonight, I will put out the notebook (a wonderful idea I read about somewhere on BTFD) so she can look at the notes she made after the audition class. I will get back to you later on that question. DD received her acceptance letter within a week of the audition. (Everyone was told that notification would be "in about two weeks." Ms. Holt was very efficient!)


The ballet and modern departments share some administrative positions (a budget-cutting move), but each has its own floor in the dance building. We saw both portions of the building on the tour, but I didn't make any notes about the modern program since my daughter was auditioning for the ballet program. I believe we were told that the modern class required of the ballet majors is a separate class, and if a ballet major wants to take a modern class taught by the modern department, she has to petition for permission. (?) (As I said, not in my notes.)


I do not know what the status of the director search is or if there even is a search happening at this time. I have been having the same questions since Utah is high on my daughter's list. I do know someone who is a personal friend of Ms. Arnold's, so I will attempt to get an answer from her. I was told by a Utah graduate that Ms. Arnold had made some personnel changes, but I don't know anything about Carol Iwasaki's status as a member of the faculty.


Dancer 830,

1. I don't know if attending Ballet West's SI is helpful for admission to Utah. There is definitely a connection between the two. Some of the Utah faculty teach at the Ballet West SI. Anyone admitted to Utah is also admitted to the Ballet West SI. University of Utah participants at the SI can receive college credit if all eight weeks of the SI are attended. We were also told that Adam Sklute conducts an audition of the Utah dancers in the fall semester for his programs--the pre-professional program, Ballet West II, and the company. Some students may be selected to take classes at Ballet West for the spring semester. Credit is given for these--the chosen few take the BW classes in lieu of dance classes at the University and receive a grade.


2. I don't know when if is more advantageous to audition during fall or spring. If you read the earlier post about DD's audition experience, you may have noticed that the fall audition is considerably smaller. Admission to the University and to the ballet program are totally separate. DD had already received academic admission when she auditioned for the ballet department on November 6th.


3. No, Utah does not have its own SI. Utah partners with Ballet West. Ballet West SI is held at the University of Utah's studios and students are housed in the campus dorms. Here's that website: http://www.balletwest.org/Academy/SummerIntensive


Sorry that this post is so long. :blushing: I tried to split it into two separate answers, but the website wouldn't let me 'Reply" to my own previous post!


I hope this helps. :rolleyes:

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Thanks :) for all the helpful information. I suppose I should just call the department and find out directly what the possible new hires, if any, look like in the ballet dept. I will of course post any good info I receive.

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Thank you Twinkle Mom for your wonderful and concise information. I appreciate your taking the time to post, it is helping me to formulate a plan of action for dd touring colleges and auditioning. :)

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Does anyone have received the decision of Feb 12 audition?


My DD sent the audition DVD last week, and waiting for their decision.


Reading the UU's web site, I know it normally takes 1 or 2 wks to make

decision for acceptance.


However, reading this forum, some of applicants may receive the decision

(by e-mail?) within 2 or 3 days after the audition.


I will appreciate if someone give me information.


By the way, will only the accepted applicant receive the notification of

the decision?

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DD received her acceptance letter in the U.S. mail on the Thursday after the Saturday, November 6th audition. At the audition, everyone received a letter which stated "If you have already applied to the University you should expect a notification letter in about two weeks." (To me, that means that everyone receives notification.)


Regarding the DVD audition, we know of someone else who sent in a DVD before Christmas and has not yet heard about results. Her mother called late in January and was told that the DVD was "making the rounds of the faculty." So the DVD results might take a little longer?


I hope this helps a little. :)

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My DD was at the 2/12 audition. We were told that results would be sent by USPS in approx. 2 weeks. I think some of those that have found out very quickly in the past were because of the link to Ballet West's summer program. The dancers are asked when they check in for the audition whether they are interested in attending Ballet West's Summer Intensive. If the dancer is accepted to the U of U ballet program, the university sends that info to Ballet West. I think in the past Ballet West has "jumped the gun" by then sending an e-mail to the student congratulating them on being admitted to the Summer Intensive due to their acceptance at Utah. This apparently has been well before Utah has gotten around to sending the "official" letter. Ms. Holt said that the decision would actually be made by that Saturday night (the 12th), but it would take her 2 weeks to get the letters out. I specifically asked HOW dancers would be notified, and she said by letter via USPS. Hope this helps. Good luck to your DD.

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