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DD just got a letter from Mercyhurst with some very interesting information regarding academic scholarships. Seems they have some nice merit awards available!

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We just returned from visiting Mercyhurst. We took the tour, and my DD observed a ballet class. The faculty was very nice, the facilities were equally as nice. They have a beautiful athletic center, and offer pilates, yoga, etc. They also set up a TV, so that we could watch some of their taped performances. My DD was impressed. She will go back in August to audition for the fall 2007 semester.

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Is anyone, or does anyone know anyone who has graduated or is graduating soon from Mercyhurst's dance program, that would be interested in starting a ballet school in the Westmoreland county, PA area? Please contact me at dancinstructor99@yahoo.com

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I was wondering if someone could help me out here, as I am alittle confused. I was talking to a someone whose daughter used to dance with mine, ( she is older than my DD), and I was telling her that we looked at Mercyhurst, and thought that it looked like a good program. She started laughing , as she is from Erie, and her daughter danced in a program at Mercyhust five years ago. She said it wasn't good then, and that Lake Erie Ballet is really just Mercyhurst students, and not exactly a real professional company. Is that true? Can anyone give an opinion on the program now, as she did say that maybe it has changed in five years.

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knock, knock..mygurl,


I have a friend who was a student at Mercyhurst and danced with Lake Erie Ballet. There are several students who dance with Lake Erie. I believe the students are involved at more of an apprentice/trainee level.


I think it is important to look at a few things here, such as the fact that her opinion that "it wasn't good then" is subjective (at best, and if ever true, things can/do change) and "not exactly a real professional company" sounds, again, based upon opinion rather than fact.


Have you visited Mercyhurst and had a chance to attend a Lake Erie Ballet production with Mercyhurst students? This may give you a sense for whether it is a fit for your dd.


My friend has enjoyed her academic and performance opportunities at Mercyhurst and Lake Erie. She is moving on to a regional company in the northeast to dance, teach and choreograph and is a bright, well rounded individual.

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Thank you for the info. Yes, we have visited Mercyhurst, and we loved the school. The dance dept. was very accommodating and informative. I was just take aback by what this women said to me, and since she was from Erie, and had experience with the school and the Ballet Co., I didn't know what to think.. We are going ahead with the audition, as we, the parents like the school, and the academic side of it, also.

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My dd has a teacher who was a professional dancer (Milwaukee Ballet) and told me that she has looked into Mercyhurst with her own dd. She thinks both the school and the dance department opportunities are excellent. She also mentioned Indiana University as having an excellent dance program (just FYI).


Best wishes..

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fyi ... Mercyhurst offers excellent academic merit scholarships and also dance scholarships. Combined, the scholarship packages are quite generous and take a nice chunk out of the overall tuition costs.

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Mercyhurst has a good ballet reputation and not every dancer is destined to sign with a big name company. I know my dd would be thrilled to dance as part of Lake Erie Ballet or just about any company. So, Mygurl, I guess we'll maybe be seeing you at auditions!

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Guest balletrocks

hey guys! is anyone here actually going to mercyhurst? i auditioned in nyc on the 13th of feb (i think) and there were only 6 of us. one of my friends actually went there for a year and she absolutely loved it. she said that the dance program and the accedemic program are excellent and that the teachers are great. my cousin also dances professionally with pittsbourg ballet and she said that when she went to the college dance festival mercyhurst was the only college that was really hard core ballet. im going there and majoring in dance (of course!). i would really like to talk to some other people who are going. please e-mail me at [ . . . ] :blushing: best of luck to all who are going!


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My DD attended the early bird audition on Aug. 28th, and the department head said that there are about 68 dancers in the program. They have 6 male dancers coming in as incoming freshman. When my DD auditioned, there were three others auditioning with her, and the rest of the class were students who came to campus early to spend a week dancing. DD thought the audition was challenging, she also took an optional jazz class, which she thought was really good and also very challenging. I think she should hear in about a week if she made it into the dance dept., and then she has to apply through the academic side, to see if she gets accepted into the college. I have to say, it was our second visit there, and the school is just beautiful, and the performing arts center is just top notch.

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My middle dd just started at Mercyhurst this August- they had a jump start-(classes to get/keep in shape before the regular classes start). So far, she seems really happy, likes the classes, her roomates, etc. She really didn't want to go to college since she was hoping for a trainee somewhere, but seems to be fitting in well- I'm thrilled since she is often very negative! Last Friday, the dance dept. had an audition for the fall performances but freshman were warned that most will probably not be used. I will keep posting about her first year.

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balletgirl22sk, thanks for the info. My dd was auditioning in one of those jump start classes. Did your dd take the jazz classes? My dd thought the teacher was really good. I would love to hear how you dd's year progresses, and any info. you can share about her experiences. Good luck to her on the audition results...hey, you never know!!

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