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Hi mygurl and balletgirl22sk!

It sounds as if your dd's are doing well at Mercyhurst! Good luck with auditions!

Just wanted to give a quick note while on break this morning - my non-dd is in her 5th year at Mercyhurst as a double major in Early Childhood Ed. and Special Ed. We agree that Mercyhurst is generous with academic and artistic scholarships! Mercyhurst has beaurtiful performance hall and studios. It seems as if the dance department is well supported by the college.

I hope to be on campus for Parents' Weekend in October. The Dance Department has a perfomance on Sat. afternoon. Am conflicted - there is also a reception for the 20th anniversary of the Learning Differences Department (which has definitly made my daughter's experience at college an enjoyable and successful one).


Will anyone be going to Parents' Weekend?

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My DD is a senior in high school, we are only in the audition stage. We have visited the campus twice,and agree that the campus and the facilities are beautiful. Hopefully, we will be attending Parents weekend next year!

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I won't be able to go to Parent's weekend since that is the same weekend my oldest dd is performing with Milwaukee Ballet in Don Q. This is her first performance with the company so I can't miss it!

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Best wishes for the audition process to pointebabe4ever and mygurl's DD!


balletgirl22sk, how exciting to here about the Don Q performance. You must be so proud!

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I auditioned at Mercyhurst on Monday, the 23rd and I received my acceptance letter in the mail today! :blink: I wasn't expecting it so quickly, but was really excited. I really enjoyed the classes, and especially liked the modern teacher.

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Congratulations hborn2dance!

What did you think of the auditions? Where you able to attend the performance on Parents' Weekend? There were some student choreographed peices. The whole program was quite moving. My daughter was especially moved by a piece about the effects of war.

I was concerned throughout the program when I did not see any Men (students) dancing. But the last fun dance number had 4 or 5 male studetns and 2 male teachers. Lots of energy and chances for improve.

Odf coiurse, the performance space is beautiful!!!!

Again, congratulations!

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I haven't posted here in a while, so I looked back at other things I've missed. I graduated from Mercyhurst this past May, am currently teaching and dancing locally. Some of my classmates are currently dancing with St. Louis Ballet, Nashville Ballet II, Disney, among other local and regional companies. About the piece on war, that piece was set last year actually by one of my close friends, and she chose not to incorporate guys. The department has aquired several male students this year, I believe there are a total of 6 guys in the department now. About the Lake Erie Ballet program, the company consists of both Mercyhurst students, and upper level students of the school, although they are really a part of the trainee company. I performed with Lake Erie Ballet a few years ago as an apprentice, and I can say that it was an enjoyable experience. It was under different direction at the time, but the experiences have remained similar. That year, my technique greatly improved, and I had never felt stronger as a dancer. The level of technique and ability has changed and improved over the past several years. I'll try to be around here more often to answer any questions that you all may have!

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Thank you for posting, lil lindsay!

My DS did the Russian Pointe Competition in Washington, DC in Oct. A few weeks later he received a nice scholarship offer from Mercyhurst! I had to call Admissions and tell them that he was only in 10th grade :party: They were very nice about it. When I went up for Parents' Weekend I was surprised that there were fewer males in the dance program than I remember from 5 years ago. I am very pleased to see that they have been recruiting males and look forward to future performances.


May I ask, lil lindsay, were are you dancing now? How many dancers graduated last year?


Again, thank you for your inside information. It is very helpful.

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I'm not sure how many males we had 5 years ago, I would've been a freshman, but I think there are more males this year than there were when I was there. The department added 3 more guys this year, two are freshmen, and one a transfer, on top of a senior guy and a sophomore guy. They're doing a much better job recruiting males, so I think for the department, this is an upward trend. There were 15 of us who graduated from the department last year. As for me, I'm mainly teaching right now; I was with a smaller company in NH near where I grew up for the first part of year, but am no longer there (on my own accord). I am still taking class locally, and in Boston, and doing a few auditions this year. My fellow graduates are now members of St. Louis Ballet, Nashville Ballet II, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Atlanta Festival Ballet, Boston Dance Company, one is with Disney and is about to join a cruiseline, some are teaching, really we're doing a variety of things. Former recent graduates have gone on to St. Louis Ballet, Ohio Ballet Theatre, Charleston Ballet, Atlanta Festival Ballet, Ballet Memphis (as a rehearsal mistress/director for the youth/second company), Chatanooga Ballet, New Jersey Council on the Arts, and that's about all I can think of at the moment. Mercyhurst really prepared us for whatever field we wanted to enter, teaching, dancing, administration, and the variety of academics we take puts us at an advantage as well. The dance department is more specific now, meaning that there are more in-depth studies for a specific concentration. I graduated with a teaching/choreography concentration, but now, you can study specifically teaching/pedagogy, specifically choreography, specifically performance, along with the arts administration minor. Hopefully this helps!

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dostroski asked me some questions about Mercyhurst on the college acceptance thread so I am answering here. I tried to Pm you but you don't have enough posts. I am not going to see Coppelia this weekend. If you go, please write your reviews. My dd has been very happy there her freshman year.

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No one has posted here in awhile, but I am hoping someone can help me learn more about the approximate academic and rehearsal schedules. Are they weekdays , weekends etc? Is there enough time for lab courses for example? And what about scheduling the core courses - are they mornings only?


If a Mercyhurst dancer or parent might share a sample schedule too, that would be great. Thank you!

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My dd is in her 2nd year at Mercyhurst and is very happy. If you want to pm me for more info please do so.

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I hope to audition for Mercyhurst's dance program (Even if I haven't got a chance, an auditon is always a good experience, I guess) and I was just wondering if anyone has any idea how many dancers they usually accept.

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A few days ago in the mail I recieved a letter from Mercyhurst informing me that they are having Earlybird Auditions for the 2010-2011 school year in April. Mercyhurst is one of the colleges I've been looking at and I was wondering if as a high school junior I should audition now or wait until next year to audition as a senior. If I audition now will they consider that I have a year left to improve? and if I don't get accepted will I be allowed to re-audition next year? I think it would be best for me to wait a year to improve, but I'm not sure. I still need to ask my teacher what she thinks is best. Thanks so much!

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