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Hello eshcmit98,it would not be encouraged as it would be very difficult to graduate in four years for a number of reasons.


1. The BFA program requires a minimum of 131 credits to graduate as a opposed to the 120 credits to graduate with a BA in dance. You are already required to finish more credits before even adding on a second major.


2. The Exercise Science major, like an science degree at Mercyhurst, has many courses that require lab work. You will notice a lot of 4 credit classes which will be a 3 credit lecture class with a 1 credit lab. Typically labs are 3 hours, on top of your 3 day a week lecture course. This is going to be difficult to fulfill when you have a lot of rehearsals to be present at as well.


My name is Dana McMillin and I am the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Admissions Coordinator to the Dance Department. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have questions. You can reach me at dmcmillin@mercyhurst.edu or (814) 824-3125.

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I was wondering if anyone did the audition on 1/18/16, and how was the audition experience? Thanks for any info.

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As the school year winds down, I hope someone will share where the Grads or Early Leavers of Mercyhurst Dance are going for the next phase of their lives.

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I second Momof3darlings,

Mercyhurst is one of the schools my DD will be auditioning for this year. I am very interested to know where the most recent grads of the BFA program have ended up.


Thanks all!

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Good Afternoon! This is a list of some employment opportunities our seniors have received this year!


Gainsville Ballet (VA)


Royal Carribian Cruises


Gainsville Ballet (VA)


Interlochen Arts Academy


Thodos Dance Theatre




Nothing Bundt Cakes

Marketing Assosciate

Contemporary Dance & Fitness


Little Peo;les Creative Workshop

Regional Director

St. Paul Ballet




Graduate School

Occupational Therapy


Please let me know if you have any questions!

Dana from Admissions

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Thanks DanaMcmillin for the updates.

My DD is a freshman in the BFA program, and is having a wonderful time, although I don't get as much details about the dance as I would like.


One question I have - she did not expect to have the same ballet teacher 5 days per week. Because of the levels she was placed in, it worked out that way. I was wondering if this is common?

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One question I have - she did not expect to have the same ballet teacher 5 days per week. Because of the levels she was placed in, it worked out that way. I was wondering if this is common?

They typically will have a different professor each semester.

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Hi Dana,


Can you provide the average amount of students who audition and the average amount that are accepted?

We typically accept about 70%-75% percent of our applicants. We have a very detailed audition application and the director can determine via the application whether or not we would like to "invite" the student to audition.

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Hi - I'm hoping Dana might see this!


My DD has applied and has an audition scheduled for March 16th! However, my husband is very adamant that he wants her to have a double major or at least a minor. Are there any specific majors that work well with the ballet program? I know performance ballet is her main goal at this point but we want her to have a solid plan B! What about the Fashion Merchandising major?? Could that work?

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Good morning laurelballet--


Many of our students do double major with a BA in dance and many other disciplines. Fashion does offer a minor as well. We do speak a lot about double majoring on the audition day, since this is a popular choice for students. Mercyhurst students can not declare a second major until their sophomore year, as the freshman year is very rigorous for our dance majors. This also gives students time to explore other disciplines if they'd like before declaring.

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Hello Everyone!


While I still am currently employed at Mercyhurst University, I am no longer the liaison to the dance department for admissions. Nina Campbell is our new admissions recruiter for dance, and she can be reached at ncampbell@mercyhurst.edu or (814) 824-2270. Our dance department can also be reached at dkaiser@mercyhurst.edu or (814) 824-2256.


It has been a pleasure answering your questions about Mercyhurst and our amazing dance program.

Carpe Diem!!

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My name is Nina Campbell, and as Dana said above, I am the Mercyhurst admissions liaison to the dance department. I look forward to working with many of you, and I invite you to contact me (ncampbell@mercyhurst.edu; 814-824-2270) if I can answer any questions or provide further assistance!

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