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my schedule

Guest kella

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hi there,


I saw a post by one of the younger ballet students about her schedule. Now I don't hold anydreams of becoming a professional ballerina (would be nice.....but sadly out of reach :P ) but I do want to be good .


At present this is what I do - it really isn't alot...


Monday - home practice (practice techniques learnt in class for a minimum of 5 repetitions if I can recall what I learnt)

Tuesday - 1 hour class - but am switching for a 12 week rad course next week

Wednesday - same as Monday

Thursday - 1 hour class

Friday - same as Monday

Saturday - nothing planned

Sunday - 1 1/2 hour class


ideally I would like to take more classes (most people would I guess :D )

Also I've only been at this a month - but I'm addicted now :D and I'm 20 years old (don't really think that matters in this topic - but you never know)

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Kella, you have 3 actual classes a week, which is quite good for a beginner. Hopefully, as you progress a bit more you will be able to get one and a half hour classes more regularly. It's really hard to do everything one needs to do in a one hour class. Be very careful, when you practice on your own, that you only do things you know how to do correctly, as you don't want to build in any bad habits!

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Good for you kella, i think you are off to a good start :D


I only started ballet last year, intending to keep fit and just do something i love :D

I started with one hour a week (can you imagine!!)

pretty soon i was up to two hours weekly, now i have the opportunity to take three classes per week, as you say most of us here are addicted to ballet and always want more :P

And the age thing!! - i was delighted when i spoke to my current teacher to enquire about adult ballet classes, she asked my age (im 24!) and then declared i was still a baby!! (sounds a strange comment to be happy with - but i was expecting for her to say i was wayyy to old!!)

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Just a caution: be careful about how quickly you ramp up, and watch carefully for signs that you are ramping up too quickly or overdoing.


I agree that a 1hour class is not really much time, but at the adult level one takes what one can get. I'd prefer to have all 1.5 hr classes, but a number of the adult classes available to me are only 1:15.

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Guest plain-dancer



I'm around the same age (a bit older) and just starting up again too. I have to agree that the hardest thing is keeping myself from wanting to ramp everything up to the highest level right away!


Unfortunately my classes will likely be bunched up together instead of spread nicely through the week because my schedule is weird, at least until I improve enough to be able to attend the elementary open classes at my studio.

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