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aching arch

Guest 321dance

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Guest 321dance

what does it mean to "roll over" in your pointe shoes? i think i might be pressing my arch/foot over too far and the top of my arch (on top of my foot) hurts while i'm on pointe and afterwards-is there any way to fix this? do i need to pull up my on my legs more?

any thoughts on this would be great...

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Hello 321dance, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :clapping:


If you are either pushing down into your shoes, or if the shoes are wrong for you, it could cause the pain you describe in your instep. (The arch is the underneath part, where the foot 'arcs".) You could also be overstretching your foot in other ways.


Going over too far in the shoe could also mean that your shank is not strong enough, or that it is broken. Have your teacher check your shoes for proper fit and type for your foot, and also for shank strength. Then be sure that you are indeed lifting up out of your shoes and not pushing down into them!

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I have a lower arch and sometimes after performing or rehearsing, my arch aches. I think it's just because I have flat feet (I sometimes get the same feeling in street shoes), but do you know of anything I can do to alleviate the pain?

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Have you considering seeing a Podiatrist and perhaps getting some orthotics for your shoes?

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Guest dancer522

Yup - In about fifth grade, I used to always have pain on that bone on the inside of my arch in class. I was only 10 years old, so I didn't know what it was. I thought that I had twisted my ankle - it was that bad, and I have to sit out a few times. My mom made an appointment for me to see the school's physical therapist, and she told me that I had flexible flat feet (I was rolling in to the point of my feet being flat against the ground when I stood) and she gave me some excersises and reccomended orthodics. I went to my mom's podiatrist and got custom orthodics, and they completely corrected the problem. I never get that kind of pain anymore, I don't have flat feet at all, and I still wear orthodics in my sneakers. (That complete change probably also had to do with the fact that my bones were still growing and able to be shaped.) - Just sharing my personal experience with the great things orthodics can do!

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Thanks so much, dancer 522, that was really helpful!

I remember the last time I had a physical, the doctor said I had "slightly" flat feet and should wear shoes with arch supports built into them. I did but it didn't really seem to help. :D

Maybe my bones are about done growing (I'm almost 15). I'll see a podiatrist or some other expert about custom orthotics. Thanks again! :D

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