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Square hips


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Velkominn to our Icelandic readers and posters! :wink:


I'm going to assume that by "batment", you mean grand battement, and particularly to the side (à la seconde). Of course, your first reference for anything your body is doing is the mirror. Eventually, you will learn how the correct positions feel and won't need as much reference to the mirror. When a dancer works, the hips stay under and on the same line with the shoulders. That's much of what is meant by "square". Up to about 90° of extension, the hips are kept square to the front. Above 90°, the way the human body is constructed, some lifting of the working hip is necessary, but it can't get out of control. When doing grand battement to the back, it is necessary to open the working hip a bit, because there are muscles back there that you don't have in the front or the side, and of course, we always lift out of the supporting hip!

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Guest aenergizerbunni3

when I do a right split I cant get my hips squared. what can I do to fix that? also when i do a left split i can't get as far down and my hips are even less square! ugh... :unsure:

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The hips don't have to stay square in a split with one leg front and one back. It's like an arabesque, so the back leg is open from the hip. If you keep your hips totally square the back leg will be turned in.

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