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We signed up for the inaugural year of issues last year. The company never processed the online payment for it, but we got all the issues. and now that the unpaid-for subscription has long since run out, we're STILL getting the dang thing! And I don't like the magazine at all. I have to read it and vet it before handing it off to DD, because there are more prepubescent navels on display in each issue than you'd find at middle-school belly-dancing convention! Now, to be fair, the souvenir poster this issue is of Gillian Murphy, but I'm looking at it and even I know there's something wrong with how her supporting foot looks while she's "en pointe." DD agrees it looks buckled somehow. Does anyone else have problems with this publication?

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My daughter was given a copy at her dance studio last spring. She wants a subscription to it, so I've tried to subscribe twice via the website, and though it appears that I've been successful when I'm on the site, I've neither been charged, nor have we received any copies of the magazine, so we have the opposite issue. Hey, chauffeur - maybe you're getting our copies? :P


Because I've only read the one copy, I don't have much information to comment on. I didn't notice the navels (maybe we had a navel-lite issue :) ), but I did notice that the content seemed to lean toward competition-type dancing, which is not my daughter's cup of tea. If we ever do get another copy, I'll comment further. :rolleyes:

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While I did read the subscription was UNPAID, is it possible that magazines are going to a new system of subscription like the local newspaper? You sign up and pay for an "X" number of weeks or months and they automatically renew you without notice and keep sending you stuff....and eventually another bill. (which BTW, I fought and won). This happened to us with the newspaper. :) Maybe for you, the computer had a glitch. Just too bad this magazine it is not something you really are interested in.

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We subscribed to this magazine for its first year.


The issues were a mixed bag and rather light on content. Some covered the competitive school circuit, a few included short profiles of students from schools such as SAB and Boston Ballet.

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Because of the step dance school, for years we've been getting "Young Dancer", "Dance Spirit", "Dancer", and "Dance Teacher", none of which we've ever had any contact with! Never paid for a single issue, never subscribed, never had an email or phone conversation. We just got on a list, I guess, and they keep on coming. :wub:


Except for an occasional article in "Dance Teacher", I don't find any of them worthwhile at all. If you think "Young Dancer" is bad for navel-bearing, take a look at "Dance Spirit" - it sure gave me a shock the first time I opened its pages!

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