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So, after two weeks off due to work and vacation I went to a new class today at Broadway dance.. Just basic. (I had only been back to ballet for about 5 classes before I had to leave off..)

The teacher totally paid so much attention to me and made me dance front and center- eek!

Now, I'm a performer by profession, so I do have a sense of presenting myself, and I do barre well- (minus the extension! ) But I have not much technique in center! I felt like he thought I was much better than I actually was! He was very nice, and I will definitely return to his class- But it was weird! :blushing: I feel like he was expecting a lot from me and I may have let him down when we let go of the barre. :)

I mean, I guess it's nice to look like I know what I'm doing (ah- the skills of an actor :o ) but it also frustrates me not to be able to live up to it... I guess practice practice practice...

Has anyone ever felt this way?



ETA: I guess I could just take a much harder class and not even be able to fake it! :wub:

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There's more to dance than just knowing the steps and good technique. As a teacher, I find it much harder to teach confidence and presentation than to teach proper technique. It is always beneficial to have a student in class who can present him/herself well so the other students will get what I'm talking about. :)

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SingerWhoMoves -- May I ask who you took class with? What level was the class? I am still looking for a transition beginner/intermediate class and I think I may bite the bullet and try some classes at BDC or STEPS. Thanks!



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Hey Ashley- it was only a basic class- with Andrev Silantyev (sp?) He also teached other levels.... I enjoyed his class- as well as Dorit Koppe's (and I know she also teacher higher levels)

You might want to post for Lampwick about STEPS she knows their ballet teachers well.



How's NYU going??

I went there.. :)

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You could try Ettlin at 5 on Sundays. It's mostly low intermediate people, but it quite a challenging, fast class.


Robert Atwood's Saturday 10Am is a nice pleasant adult/low intermediate class. Very sane.


SingerWhoMoves--I wouldn't worry about fooling any of these teachers. They know what they're seeing:) You're probably doing very well!

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Singer - Never went to NYU, but I did used to work there! Alas, such things are not permanent, while screennames are :-)


lampwick - Believe me, I have been reading your posts religiously as to what teachers you reccommend at what levels! I am at the point where tecnique-wise, I am low intermediate, but confidence-wise I am still a beginner! It is a very difficult jump for me from teachers who coddle and only some-what challenge me, to a more impersonal, challenging environment. And ... I get frustarted super-easily!


But I will definitely look into all of those classes ... thanks guys!

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