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Back to Ballet nerves...


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Hi all!


I'm going back to my Ballet classes tonight after the summer break (I have been dancing and done a bit of ballet during this time) and i'm actually feeling really nervous.


I'm worried that I will be really awful and rusty on everything, but I want my teacher to think I can do my exam - so i've got to try my hardest!


I'll keep you posted on how it goes... :)

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dont worry jen, i think we all feel the same - going back after the holiday break.


sure you will be fine, its good to be a little bit nervous :)


i start back next week :rolleyes:

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Just try to have fun! I'm sure you will be fine and I will be waiting to hear...


When is the exam?



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You just have to try your best, know your limits too - dont want you sustaining an injury due to overworking :D


Since i started ballet i had the intention of taking exams, i know its not the be all and end all though and to start with thought i could take my first exam maybe within the first year!!


Only in the last six months have i realised how much needs to be done, practically and mentally :D


(another goal of mine - like many others is to reach pointe status one day, although im taking my time with this one.)


How did the first class back go? did your teacher mention anything about the exam?

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They don't want to enter me for the exam, they entered the whole class but me :(


It makes me feel so stupid, I really don't think i'm of any lower standard than the other girls, I think it might be due to my age. They've even entered someone who has been with the school doing the grade for 6 months! I've been doing it over 2 years!


When I was doing Rond de jambe en l'air I have to have my leg forward slightly because of my turnout, and the teacher said 'look just how far your leg has to be forward to maintain your turnout on your supporting leg'... I felt like saying 'well unfortunately I cannot do any better than this unless I change my bone structure or get badly injured!'



I didn't ask why I wasn't entered, because I think if they told me I wasn't good enough I would be broken hearted and i'd know it wasn't because I couldn't do the exam... because my private teacher says I would pass and if she still had her own school she would enter me.


I thought these exams were supposed to be for recreational students, not pre-professionals...


Sorry for the rant, i'm just so upset.

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That's awful, JennyK! Is there nowhere you could go to class instead? It sounds like discrimination to me. Do your teachers know how upset you are?

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Oh no, that really sucks!


I remember how devastated I was when the same thing happened to me for my Grade 4 (AFTER she initially told me I could do it!)


It does sound like age discrimination if your private teacher says you are good enough. Either that or the teacher simply doesn't understand the difference between vocational & recreational exams.


I suppose you've paid for the term by now? (I wish mine had started, we don't go back 'til 24th Sept!) If not, I'd be looking for another school - most don't seem to go back 'til next week.


If you're in the same position as me & have to give a term's notice, if I were you I'd do that now & enrol somewhere else for January.


One thing I have found is that all teachers are different & have different criteria for entering people for exams. You just need to find one whose aims are compatible with yours.

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Dear Jenny,

I'm really sorry to hear your teacher has done this to you. It doesn't seem to me very professional of your school not to have explained it to you. If you can bear to, I think it would be worth asking why you aren't entered for the exam & if the answer is really as vague as 'not good enough' challenge it, and say you think you that's incorrect, please explain. Maybe you could phone up? I'm sure this is just a delay in your path - but what a rotten start to the term....

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Thank you everyone for your nice replies.


I'm currently in the process of looking for a new school... it's such a hard task - such a small amount of good schools in this area.



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You are welcome to join us jen, you would fit right in :(


I think its quite unprofessional just to say you are not entered, from what you say, it sounds like discrimination. I have seen you dance, you are a beautiful dancer and those feet :thumbsup:


I know it will be hard to ask but i think you should, not knowing is probably worse :blink:


Maybe it is an age thing, seems unjustified.

It is upsetting, especially when you have been working so hard, you shouldnt take it to heart, try to find another school/studio pronto.


From what i hear turnout isnt everything, havent there been plenty of sucessful dancers with less than perfect turnout :shrug:

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