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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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This is secondhand information, so please delete if inaproppriate, but one of my R.A.s this summer was in that program and said she loved it. It's definatly modern based, seeing as Ailey is a modern company, but if you've ever seen them dance it is very clear that they are all VERY classically trained. The R.A. said that they take both modern and ballet every day, and are usually dancing i think 5-6 hrs/day, so it's definatly intense. It's also a really cool program because you are IN lincoln center-so many arts oppurtunities at your fingertips!

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Does anyone know how the academics are incorportated with the Ailey program? What I have heard from people in my area who have looked at Fordham the academic requirements are tough. Has anyone gone through the program that has information to share?

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i was looking at their website and it seemed to imply that an audition is required for entry. anyone know whether or not this is the case?

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I actually attended Fordham Lincoln Center, although I was not majoring in dance, my roomate was. It is a VERY intense program and alot of the entering freshman tend to change their major by the second year. Everyone takes one ballet class and one modern class everyday. You do have to audition for the program and the academics are rigorous. You take any where from 4- 6 hours of dancing a day and you have your general education academics on top of that. I want to say you take about 2 or 3 academic classes on top of that. Being in Lincoln Center is amazing. As a dancer, there's tons of different places to go for extra classes (if you have the energy or desire), great shows to see, and tons of culture. Hope that helps some.

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BalletMarie, I couldn't get the URL to copy, so I'll just tell you what I learned by following all the links on the site. The instructions (granted not all in one spot!) are that in order to apply for the Alvin Ailey/Fordham performance program, you must submit an application both to Fordham and to Alvin Ailey. (Follow the links to reach the performance programs and you'll end up at the Alvin Ailey portion). There is a dance application for the Ailey program that must be submitted. (follow that link). On the dance application, it states that invitations for the auditions will be issued based upon their review of the dance application.


There are specific deadlines, which differ as I recall from reading, for both the Fordham application and for the Ailey program application.


P.S. I started with the link someone so kindly provided a few posts up. :thumbsup:

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Thank you so smuch, dancemaven! I was just curious as to whether or not the applicant would need to have attended the SI previously or the Pre-professional school in order to get an invitation. Thank you for clearing this up - it's much appreciated! :wink:

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I applied to Fordham, and then to the dance program. They emailed me the "invitation" to audition and I am going this weekend for the LA audition.

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For some information about the audition process, I was told that the audition in LA was going to be "substantially" larger than the Washington one(for which I was originally scheduled but had to request to change due to an adjudication). Anyhow, the audition had, I believe, 20 dancers. First was a pretty much full ballet class, then a short break, two modern combinations (I thought there would be more), a break, then individual solos, then interviews. No one was cut during the process. There were three representatives, one I believe was the principal of the school, and it escapes me who the other two were, though I belive they were very influencial, all kind though. The experience was long, about 6 hours, though enjoyable.

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I am auditioning in Washington D.C. this weekend and I will tell about my experience at the audition after its over.

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I said I was going to share my audition expreience so here it goes.


At the Washington D.C. audition there were supposed to be 30 people there but only 24 people showed up including 3 males. After registering, they had already set up the numbers in alphabetical order, they showed us, along with our parents, a video about their school. Then we had what was supposed to be a short ballet class but it ended up being really long because there wasn't a pianist and they had to use pre-recorded music. In the center we only did an adagio, turns, allegro, and then grande allegro followed by a short 10 minute break. Next we did 2 modern combinations followed by a 15 minute break. Solos were shown next and after they were finished the interviews started. There were 3 representatives from the school in attendance Ms. Denise Jefferson (the director), Ms. Ana Marie Forsythe (BFA Program Co-director), and Ms. Melanie Person (head of the ballet division). They all conducted interviews so 3 people went at a time. My interview was very brief and the representative I had just talked and asked questions about what I had written on the sheet they had us turn in during registration. Even though I was there from about 10am-3:30pm the experience was still very enjoyable and the 3 representatives were very friendly people.

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