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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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Okay so that's wierd. My DD received a financial packet in the mail about a day or two after her acceptance came in the mail (which was a couple of days after the online decision). It appears to be an academic award. It's not huge, but it's something. The fact that there are packages going out April 15 - are there additional BFA artistic awards? Gosh, I hope so....

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Oh boy. We were told that DD's award would be avail Friday (that was via phone), then an email reply came saying anytime. This is tough. So do we bring our dancers to admitted day on Sat??? Hate to send the money if our award is not reasonable for us..

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When we visited Fordham on accepted student day on Monday they said it was by far the biggest applicant pool they have ever had. I think they are swamped!

It was a good visit and everyone was very accommodating.

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How does the Jesuit religion come in to play at fordham? Are religion classes or religious events mandatory or highly encouraged? Or does the Jesuit part have less impact on dance majors because of the time they spend at ailey?

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I haven't visited this page in quite some time, so my apologies, AHill, for not responding to your questions. I suspect you no longer need some of that information, but I am happy to provide it if you do.


Regarding the questions about ballet, the dancers all seem to have a very strong ballet background, but most are interested in modern dance or contemporary ballet. That said, my DD has broad interests, and she is attending a ballet/company program this summer. The dancers take ballet class every day, and my daughter takes pointe once a week. (I believe it is possible to take more pointe classes.) If classical ballet is your passion, this may not be enough for you. On the other hand, the training is excellent, and you would certainly have something to bring to the table at auditions. In response to another question, you can arrange to take a class (or classes) when you visit Ailey. (We arranged that separately from the Fordham accepted student day, on the same afternoon.)


Congrats to those who have been accepted and best of luck to all of the dancers as they make their decisions!

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One more response: Our family is not Catholic, but I have been very impressed with the Jesuit influence at Fordham. Students are encouraged to do community service and are given many opportunities to do so. The arts at Fordham are well-regarded and encouraged. And as promised, Fordham really seeks to care for the "whole student." The academic classes are small, professors are accessible, and the dance and academic advisors are caring and very helpful. There is not a big push towards religion and there are many non-Catholic students. At Ailey, I don't believe there is any Jesuit influence at all.

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Does anyone know the total amount of undergraduate credits the BFA students accumulate and graduate with? It seems like it must be many more than the traditional 124 undergraduate credits.

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This thread has been quiet for a while. Does anyone have a DD or DS considering attending this program next year? I do. :clapping:

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Hate to ask since we have all but committed....is she enjoying it?

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She is really enjoying it. The program is so much more than we anticipated. Lots of room for creating your own path within their structure. Mine is a ballet focused dancer and she is getting what she needs (well, minus the ballet rep) and taking in all that NYC has to offer . . . it is a crazy schedule and the students really need to be organized to keep themselves on track, but I think dancers generally are that way naturally.
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