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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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Yes, would love to talk about it with anyone. My daughter just got her acceptance letter yesterday and we have a tough decision to make. She is leaning heavily to Ailey/Fordham, but she also got heavily emotionally invested in another program.

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Hate to ask since we have all but committed....is she enjoying it?

How is it going, nearly one year in? We just got our acceptance letter yesterday, not much time to decide.

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DD is very happy there. It really is a unique and special program for a variety of reasons. Of course there are requirements, but you have freedom to fulfill them with whichever teachers you chose and whatever timeslot you select. Of course that doesn't mean that every timeslot and instructor will be available exactly when you want them. Scheduling is a challenge but dancers get top priority for classes and are treated with great respect there. DD is doing a double major, which will involve taking summer sessions in order to be done in 4 years, but we feel that one of the best parts of Ailey BFA program is that it is attached to a solid university where you will actually receive an education. Many other BFA programs allow so little time for students to pursue academics in a serious, not "get it done" sort of way. She takes academics with some dancers, but is with regular Fordham students mostly and she finds that to be a huge positive since you spend so much time with the dancers.


If you haven't visited the campus, and in particular the Ailey School and the Freshman dorms, those are "must see" before making your decision if this school is under serious consideration for your dancer. Construction is to be complete at the Ailey school before Fall 2017 which I am sure will make it even more of an international dance destination than it is already. The instructors are a who's who of dance and DD says it is the best (and the toughest) she has ever had, and she came into the program with impressive classical and modern training.


I think that what is most unique about this program is that the BFA's are part of something that is much greater than them, but they are still treated preferentially as students in the school. It is typical to have AAADT company members in class with them when the company is in town. They were comped tickets for one of the City Center shows in the fall, like part of the family. Yesterday DD was down trying to audition for the Lion King national tour. She wasn't able to be seen, but was able to get back to Ailey in time for her next class! There are many more examples, but DD and I really like the dynamic there and even as a freshman BFA she feels like she is part of the dance world. I think she will be prepared to enter it officially when the time comes because of all the outside experiences she has already been able to fit in.


If you are local, you may want to catch the BFA Benefit Concert next Monday, April 3rd. Congratulations to all the accepted students and feel free to message me if you would like to be in touch with DD and her friends.

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THANK YOU! I would definitely like to connect with you, i don't have the ability to PM you within this site, so if you want, email me at corrigg1@yahoo.com

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MissDonna I would also like to connect, but can't PM yet. please email me at. Thanks!

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I'd be happy to connect with you as well. We just put down our deposit to go to Ailey/Fordham!

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I have an audition question - so with all the different auditions that DD has to do - I am thinking she may not be able to make it till the last Ailey audition on 2/24 in Atlanta (assuming she is invited of course).  I just want to ask - is there any wisdom/advantages in trying to make an earlier audition date or is it pretty much the same even if you go to the last audition on their tour.

Because I see that DanceDad2017 posted his DD got acceptance March 18 last year - so this is not long after the last audition on the tour.

Appreciate your wisdom on this.



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My DD is a sophomore at Fordham/Ailey.  She auditioned in December at Ailey, but many of her classmates were accepted from the regional auditions.  My sense is that they would not do those auditions without intention of accepting qualified dancers. Also, Ailey BFA of course has a limited number of acceptances, but they are not putting together a strict number in the class like 12 boys 12 girls. I feel like the culture there is to accept and nurture talent as they see it and my impression is that they would not get wrapped up in a numbers/audition date game.

Note about the audition from DD: they are nurturing and positive and respectful.  Everyone is kept for the entire audition out of respect for their preparation to get there.  Refreshing and appropriate in my opinion.  DD never had the experience of getting cut during a BFA audition, but I always questioned why it was necessary to do that to a dancer that had been pre-screened and may have traveled at great expense...oops a little off topic there!

Good luck!

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Anyone applying to the Fordham/Ailey program this year - have you gotten about the "invitation" to the audition yet?  Considering the NYC auditions are in Dec. - I would imagine the invitations should have gone out?  Do they send out notices for Inviting or Not Inviting to the audition?

My DD put down the last date of audition in Feb and we don't know whether that has to do with Not hearing from them yet.

Also, so many emails for Black Fridays and Cyber Monday - we have to carefully check not to miss any emails.  So Just wondering if anyone else have heard yet.


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dancingSJ, I had to email the program with a question about the application and asked about this issue. I was told they are in the process of reviewing the applications and that the director sends the invitations. They hope to have them out by the end of this week with the 10th as the latest date. Hope that helps! Waiting on this is so hard for my daughter! And hard to wait on making travel plans for dad;)

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tutumama:  Thanks for the info.  I agree waiting on this is hard and makes it more difficult to make travel plan.  

I see on the website that they extended the submission deadline for a week for Northern California and Texas - I wonder if there were some problems for those areas. Anyway, may be that's why everything is pushed out even more.

I was going to email them today but I will wait till end of the week and if still nothing, then I will follow up with them too.

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It was a general extension and those areas could get a longer extension if necessary. I was told it was because of the hurricane  in Texas and the fires in N. California.

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DD is a sophomore in the Fordham/Ailey BFA, with a roommate who works in the office.  They are definitely on it and will apparently have all replies out by next week.  One good/bad feature of this program is that there is always sooooo much going on.  The BFA program is only part of the huge Ailey machine.  They always get the job done, but don't tend to provide info on the early side :-/

Good luck everyone!

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