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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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Well my DD received an email today that she is invited to an audition!!..... Hopefully they will let us change the date because the date no longer works :(

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Do we know how many they ask to audition and how many approximately are accepted to this program? I understand this would be a general statement. Just curious. 

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My daughter just received her invitation to audition, too. So happy! Congrats to your daughter, lizzyhultz1, wonder if they have the same date?

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lizzyhults1, DD’s class has low 20's, with way more women than men.  I don't feel like they accept a great number more than that, although certainly some.  Most schools aren't that forthcoming with how many they accept vs. how many actually come to the school.   They have been "complaining" in recent years that more than expected accepted students have matriculated.  I have no idea exactly how many auditions they grant, but certainly a few hundred, based on how many were in DD's and how many NYC and regional auditions they do.  That being said, know that they definitely do accept sophomore transfers from other BFA programs, only a handful, but good to know I think.

Good luck! 

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MissDonna, can you give us further inside to the program? Is that allowed on here? I am not sure how classes work with these combined programs. Are classes held at the college itself? What about a typical day for your DD. 

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All dance classes are held at the Ailey school, which is under 10 minute walk from Fordham where they dorm and take their academics.  Fordham/Ailey is definitely a unique program.  When she is at Ailey she dances with the other pre-professionals, not just BFA's. There are other full time, pre-professional programs at Ailey for students who do not attend Fordham.  I did not realize this but it is great because it allows the Ailey school to offer a much wider variety of teachers and class times.  BFA's create their own schedule (within their requirements of course).  They pick their teachers and timeslots.  Obviously it doesn't always work out exactly as they want.  BFA's all take minimum 5 ballet per week, 2 or 3 Horton, 2 or 3 Graham to combine to 5 modern.  Those classes are leveled and you may not even have any of your BFA class with you. Each semester there is a required dance elective that you take with your BFA class only. Examples West African, Jazz, Composition.  Classical and contemporary partnering and pointe are also required, but not every semester.  They also take what I call a "danceademic" each semester with their BFA class such as Anatomy 1 and 2, music theory, dance history.  That's just the Ailey classes, which fill most of the day.  BFA's also need to fit in at least 2 full academic courses at Fordham and are required to take just about all of the core requirements of Fordham University.

They are busy.  If they are involved with various performing opportunities they may be rehearsing until after 10pm.  There are no classes on Saturdays, but sometimes rehearsals but not for BFA pieces.

Trying not to go on and on....hopefully this gives a sense of how it is there.  They lead separate lives for sure, one at Ailey and the other at Fordham, but BFA's are highly respected at both institutions because of how hard they work.

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lizzyhults1: have you found out how easy /difficult to change the audition date.  We are also thinking of changing. 

We have signed up for the last audition in Atlanta but may want to change to an earlier one if schedule permits. 

I want to ask if  anyone else has written down the entire audition date/location list.  It was in the drop-down menu on the app page and now I can't access the app anymore.

I have only written down some of the dates but now wish I have written down the whole list so I can see what other audition dates and locations may work.

So if you have the other audition dates and city not listed below - can you please share - Thanks in advance.

Sat. 1/20 LA

Mon. 1/22 SF

Sat. 2/10 DC

Sat. 2/24 Atlanta

** I am sure there are other dates/locations but not sure now.  Will email them on Monday if cannot get the info before then.

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They were actually really nice about it when my DD emailed. When the emailed they gave her all the dates. 

 Dallas Texas – January 13th

 Los Angeles California – January 20th

 San Francisco California – January 22nd

 Washington DC – February 10th

 Miami Florida – February 19th

 Atlanta Georgia – February 24 


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My daughter is a junior BFA dancer in this amazing program. To the question of numbers this year . . . she has a friend who auditioned this past week. The friend was told these numbers: roughly 800 applications, 300 auditions offered, shooting for a class of 20-30 dancers. It is a competitive program for sure and I think academic fit for the rigor of Fordham coupled with the time management demands of the BFA program must play as big a role in acceptance as a dancers technical and artistic ability.

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My daughter auditioned on Friday. 37 signed up and 34 auditioned. My daughter thought there were 4/5 boys auditioning. The Ailey building is an amazing training facility. We checked in and gave them the interview packet and received her number. There was a holding room for dancers and parents. They had an introduction video on explained who Alvin Ailey was and the program he built. Then a short Q and A. All of the while most of the dancers were also stretching. Off they went for the ballet class and we broke out in to smaller groups to tour. The tour guide were current dancers and answered a lot of day to day questions.  Then we went off to walk around and see the Christmas sights.

My daughter said that she loved the audition. The modern was Horton, which she really likes. They had a lunch break and tour of the building. Then solos and interviews. She thought the level of fellow dancers was high. She performed a classical solo. The dancers had room where they were running their solos prior to dancing and she thought most solos were contemporary with a handful of classical. Interview was quick and Ailey used the interview form they had to fill out prior to the audition. 

All in all a good day. Now we wait to hear!

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On the Ailey audition form - they ask you to list all the schools you apply to in order of preference!

So does that mean we have to list Fordham/Ailey first - because now we feel if we do not list them first, it may jeopardize chance of acceptance?

I thought that question is a bit over-reach - after all - we have to apply to a lot of schools to see where we can get in. And honestly we do not have an order of preference - I want DD to just get accepted first and then evaluate the programs she is accepted at. 

But now it seems we have to list an order of preference!! 

Can anyone  share how best to handle this one?

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