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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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I think they use that question to gauge what their competition is for students, I.e., which other programs do the students that apply here also apply to elsewhere.

I’d just leave the question blank.  Always put the school you are applying to as ‘first choice’. :wink:

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lizzyhults1, they told us it was the last audition in NYC. I believe that there are other audition locations/dates. I believe they said over 800 prescreens with 300 invited to audition.

My daughter just listed Fordham/Ailey as#1 and then filled out the rest. We've had other programs have ask the same question and she always puts wherever she is auditioning first. (though in this case it was true;)

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Thank you all.  We actually have not had to answer that same question yet.

What is the point of asking if everyone puts Fordham/Ailey first!! LOL May be they want to see what other schools are in play.

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Oh gosh, I'm nervous! My DD just auditioned in Dallas for the BFA program. It was a really positive experience in that the audition staff was extremely nice, very friendly to dancers and parents. Also, the other dancers were just easy-going and not overtly competitive. It's a long day, but they are given breaks. Ballet was about 1 hour and 15 minutes then they had a 15 minute break to change into modern (black) tights. The modern class was about an hour. Then they had a 30 minute snack break and then they called each dancer in one at a time to do her solo (there were no boys). Then, they took them two at a time for the interviews (each girl went to her own interviewer, though). Seeing these numbers terrifies me! This would be her dream program. She's got a couple of other options, but this would be the dream. In Dallas there were 23 in the audition. The head admissions staff member told us that she, "would know by the end of the audition who she'd be taking," and that she submits her list to the Fordham Admissions office and they tell her who is actually academically acceptable. So, she won't know the final list until then. She did say that she might send about 50-60 names to Admissions, knowing that some won't qualify and that others select other programs--that's how they get to a class size of about 30 or so?? Now that I think about it, she actually didn't give an exact number. She just said it "all works out," with how many she sends to Admissions and how many ultimately enroll. 

But back to me: I'M TERRIFIED!! :o:blink: This is such a stressful time! Thanks to you all for being here!!!!! And best of luck to all!!! 

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On ‎12‎/‎21‎/‎2017 at 10:40 PM, dancingSJ said:

Thank you all.  We actually have not had to answer that same question yet.

What is the point of asking if everyone puts Fordham/Ailey first!! LOL May be they want to see what other schools are in play.

I think that's it. My DD of course put them first (and it was the truth), but who wouldn't say that on THEIR form?! LOL!!! 

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donna7662,  my daughter also really enjoyed the audition. The training facility is gorgeous. The studios are all glass windows and my daughter loved being at barre and staring out in to the city. We had a chance to speak with student dancers and they were lovey and well spoken. Did you note when we could expect to find out? I don't seem to have written that down.

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tutumama,  We were in Dallas for the audition at a high school of performing arts, so we didn't get a chance to talk to current students. I sort of think I heard that they'd know in March--which is so long! I don't get it because my DD applied for Early Action, meaning she'd at least find out on the Fordham side if she was admitted in December. But I think for the dance applicants, the Early Action doesn't apply--they still have to wait. I guess I'm wondering if Fordham already knows whether they'll take her since they've had her application since November 1?? Too scared to ask!! :blink: 

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donna7662,   thank you for sharing the info on the audition.

Fordham does not give separate academic and dance decisions - they said applicants get one decision in March/April for acceptance or not.  However  DD's school counselor said to me they have prior students been accepted to Ailey but not accepted by Fordham for academics (saying that Fordham requires high academics....as compared to other programs I guess).


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My son applied last year and he heard back on March 17th - if that's helpful to anyone.

Wishing you all the best! Such a stressful time!

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Problem at DC audition yesterday - need to share and ask for your advice too.

My DD originally signed up for the Atlanta audition at end of Feb but she later changed it to the DC audition that was yesterday.  She emailed Ailey and corresponded with Emily H.  and Emily said she can put her to the DC audition.  Later, May DD called and spoke with Emily on the phone and Emily confirmed she changed my DD's audition site.  

But now that we looked back - we ever got any email confirmation.

We showed up yesterday and her name was not on the list.  There was 27 on the list but 6 or so did not show and so there was about 20.  The audition teacher just put my DD at the end.  It was kinda nervous for her because when it came to the solo part - the dancers were supposed to write down the names of their solos on this paper and the paper was full and so my DD said there was no room and she has to write hers on the back of the paper.

When we get back to the hotel, DD immediately emailed Emily H. with all the previous email history.  I check her phone record and we have record that she called  the number back in Dec.

But now I am very concerned - I mean with 300 people auditioning, this kind of "paperwork" mistake can easily them to just "toss" my DD's audition result.  I have no idea if someone will take care to match her audition result with her application file - will figure out her audition date was wrong.

And worse - if they keep her on the Atlanta audition list - then later they will assume she is a no-show to the audition!!!

I am sure either DD or me have to call them next week - talk to Emily again - but don't know what kind of assurance I can get that they will take care to match up her audition result with her file and will take her off Atlanta list (to avoid the no-show confusion).  

Should I contact Melanie Person (the co-director) also?

I am just really frustrated - that we did all that to make it to the audition just to know that she may not be considered due to some paperwork technicality.

It is competitive enough to get accepted - we don't need paperwork errors.

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That sounds very nerve-wracking. This process is hard enough without having to worry about the department handling its administrative tasks correctly. I think if it were me, I would send an email - so that it's in writing - to your original contact as well as perhaps the chair of the department (or the equivalent). I would do my best to simply outline what happened and when and ask for some confirmation from them so that there is clarity moving forward. You will have peace of mind that way. You don't know if they have accurate records at this point or not, but sending the email and having a reply from them will give you that reassurance that all is as it should be. Good luck!

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Thanks dancingjet - I guess next week will be emailing and calling the school to get this straightened out. As if the whole process is not already complicated, stressful and costly enough. 

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It would also be important to reference your dd's audition number.  That's what the adjudicators will probably have referenced in their audition notes.

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Keep in mind, it is important that it is the student who takes the lead in corresponding with the college and admissions staff.  They will tell you at every turn that if the student is old enough to go to college, then they are old enough to take charge of communications.  Once in college, the college will not deal with the parent for any real reason.  They will deal only with the student— even on financial matters. 

So definitely help your DD craft the follow up, but make sure she is the person doing the communicating. 

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