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thanks everyone for the suggestion. 

dancemaven:  agree with your comment but DD has school and difficult to call between classes and left message and if they call back, she is likely in class and cannot answer.  In an ideal world, yes, the student should do everything....but logistic is difficult sometimes especially when it is important to talk to a live person. But I know what you mean, once they turn 18 - no one will talk to the parents.

Update:  after calling and leaving messages all morning (and end of the day for NY), I finally was able to connect with Emily H.  I hesitated sending the email directly to the co-director without talking to Emily first because don't want to make her feel like we are going over her to her boss.  Emily very nice and very helpful - she apologized and she said she remember speaking with my DD in Dec and confirmed the change but because of holidays, she got too busy and ended up not updating her info and she apologized profusely and said she has straightened up the file now and she has entered into record that my DD completed the DC audition and she removed my DD from the Atlanta audition - she assured me that everything is all fine. That's all we can ask for.

Meanwhile, I also asked her for the numbers - she said they invited close to 300 to audition - they will send out 70 offers with the hope of getting a class of 25-30 dancers.



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dancingjet, thank you.  Now back to waiting and hoping for good results. Good luck to all who auditioned this past weekend and two more auditions to go for Ailey BFA.

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Good job getting clarification as soon as possible. And thank you for confirming the information regarding acceptances. Did they happen to mention when the acceptances will be mailed? 

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tutumama, Same info as previously mentioned - acceptance by email but sent from Fordham University in "March/April" which will include Fordham university acceptance and a separate acceptance letter to the Ailey BFA program.  This is what Emily explained to me. 

Emily also said there will be cases where an applicant will get a Fordham acceptance but not an Ailey acceptance.

But if rejected by Fordham, then there is no way to find out if the applicant was or was not originally accepted by Ailey.

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ugh why do some schools let you know right away and others keep you waiting until April.  DD has acceptances with scholarships to other schools but is waiting on Fordham.  Letting you know in April is so late compared to others and only gives you a small time window to make a decision before that May 1st housing and tuition deadline.

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DD heard from Fordham/Ailey on  3/17 (2 years ago).  She heard from 3 other schools after them!  I guess you need to know in advance which is your top choice and exactly how much tuition you are willing and able to pay. Then when the notifications come you will be ready to make a good decision and not get caught up in the heat of the moment.  DD's Fordham scholarship notification came just a couple of days after acceptance.  

Hope this helps.  Good luck and hang in there. Before you know it this will be in the rear view mirror!

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Decisions are out.  My daughter has an update on her portal but she's commuting home from ballet, so we have to wait! Best of luck to everyone waiting and hoping.

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Good luck to everyone!!!

DD is a sophomore there and she or I happy to answer questions!

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any updates? My daughter checked her portal and there is nothing. Which could be bad, but I haven't seen anyone post any updates.

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My daughter was accepted! She was shocked.  She has a couple friends that have been accepted and a couple that still haven't heard.  

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That is awesome , JennV!!!  Congratulations to your daughter!!  We have not heard anything yet and I fear that is a bad sign.  


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MissDonna: Where do students take their academic classes? All on the Manhattan campus or do they ever need to go to the Bronx? 

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