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We find out in late March the audition results even though the 3 representatives said they would already know who they wanted to accept by the end of the audition day. Fordham University doesn't send out their regular acceptance letters until the end of March and its a joint decision. You have to get into both programs unlike other schools where it's a seperate process.


Most of the auditionees at the D.C. audition were 17 or 18 years old.

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Keep posting and soon you will have 30 posts and be eligible for private messaging. :D Welcome to Ballet Talk and congrats to your daughter! :grinning:

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Congrats to your daughter and I can't wait to meet her in the fall!!!! It would be nice to figure out who she is especially since we both auditioned in the same city. My email address is [Deleted by moderator per post below]. Please respond and let me know that you have got it so that I may erase it from my post.

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You can erase your private email. Sorry it took so long to get back to you; I'm still trying to learn how to use this chat. :)


I emailed you at your private email address.

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Congrats! Welcome to the Fordham Family!

Do not limit yourself to Dance, Fordham is a great university in the the greatest city on earth!




Fordham College of Business Alumnus

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Ktv- I'm sorry but I must have erased the email by mistake. Could you please try and send it again? Thanks!!!!

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My daughter is currently in her freshman year in the program. Students are expected to maintain both their academics and dance. My daughter has the following dance classes: Horton, ballet (daily), body conditioning and anatomy. Her academic classes are: English, faith & critical reasoning and history. Some students have an additional class but my daughter opted to take an easier load this semester so that she could adjust to the program.


I would be happy to answer specific questions or ask my daughter for information.

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She currently takes ballet everyday; 5 days a week. If you are placed in level IV or above you are eligible to take pointe but this depends on if your academic schedule and dance schedule coincide so that you have the available slot open in your schedule for pointe. My daughter did not have the time in her schedule. You also take partnering if your schedule permits and if you are placed in the level that supports this as part of the daily class work. If pointe is workable it is offered twice per week during the regular ballet class in some levels.


If you are wondering how placement was determined...at the beginning of the year they held placement classes and each student was initially evaluted and placed in a level based on their technique. For instance, my daughter had never had horton before so she was placed in the beginning level.


As far as teachers, I will have to inquire...I know she has Ms. Forsythe who is the co-director of the BFA program and teaches horton. Horton is generally taken twice a week, I think? She also has a class called Barre-a-Terre which is somewhat like yoga or pilates. Information on the description of each class is available on the ailey website under the Ailey School link and if you navigate to the BFA program info. page.


Her ballet class is split into two parts. She has a morning ballet class on the days when she doesn't have an academic class, alternatively when she has her morning academic class then she has ballet in the afternoon. She has reported that her morning ballet teacher seems to be more Chechetti trained while her afternoon instructor is Vaganova trained(my daughter is primarily trained in this style). Nonetheless, she likes both classes and feels that she is getting what she needs as an individual.


I will get more information as I talk with her on the names of the instructors and post it. Good luck!!

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