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Thanks balletgirl. You've been a great resource for the Ailey/Fordham BFA program. One more thing- does the ballet portion include both barre and center. Some indicate its all center work.


Also- if DD if fortunate enough to get in i'm concerned about the safety of the area and the walking back and forth between Ailey & Fordham- I think you said its about 5 blocks. Do you have night classes and rehearsals- are you walking back alone-

Of course if from NY this probably isn't an issue but we're in a small town and NYC is quite a change. Thanks for your help.

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Dancerparent-Yes, the ballet portion does include both barre and center work. It's a full ballet class taught by Ms. Melanie Person, who is the Chair of the Ballet Department at the Ailey School. In terms of safety, over the past 3 years not once have I not felt safe. It is only 5 blocks between Ailey & Fordham and it is a very well light and safe area with many stores, restaurants, and other businesses staying open late. I do sometimes have classes that get out after 6:00 and rehearsals that sometimes last until 10:30 but there is always someone to walk back with to the dorms. Of course there are times when I'm coming back from class and I walk back by myself but I just make sure to be alert. I understand your concern about safety because I am from the suburbs of Baltimore and living and walking the streets of NYC still required a major adjustment for me. I am glad that I could be of help!!! :yucky:

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DD received her "unofficial" offer of admission into the BFA program early March. Is anyone planning on attending the Spring Preview for admitted students on April 10th?

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Sucre - congrats to your DD. We are hoping to hear good news from Fordham soon. Not sure if DD can make the 4/10 date if admitted though. Good luck to your DD!

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Hi Sucre! My daughter was accepted into the Fordham/Ailey program and we will be attending the Spring Preview this coming weekend. We are looking forward to it.

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Congrats to your DD, Pili! Yes, my girl will be flying out this Fri. and staying at the dorms 2 nights. She is very excited about meeting others in the program and seeing the campus. I wish that you had enough posts so that we might PM each other. I'd love to get your take on the weekend.

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Hi! I am about to complete my application to the Fordham/Ailey BFA program and on the dance application it requests information on "choreographed works" - just to be clear - does this mean something that I have choreographed myself for performances, either for myself or other dancers or particular works I have danced to? thanks a lot!

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Is pointe class a required course at Fordham's BFA/ Alvin Ailey program? I know it is offered, but is it mandatory? My dd does not want to take pointe in college. Thank you!!

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Dascmom-I graduated from the program in 2011 and when I was a student in the school every girl was required to take at least 4 semesters of pointe. You should check out the website at http://www.theaileyschool.edu/BFA/curriculum to get a better understanding of the program's curriculum


Hope that helps!

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Hi - My DD is completing her BFA application. Can I confirm with someone that since they require you to print the dance application you can only put in very limited information even though the form allows you to keep typing beyong the visible space? As an example - under training they ask for your ballet teacher. She has 4 different teachers but it won't print listing all four.



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My daughter submitted an application last year. I'd like to suggest attaching a dance resume to the application. That way, any information that didn't fit on the application will be covered.

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