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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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24 candidates at Fordham/Ailey BFA audition in Chicago today, DD said it was a wonderful experience and was very happy with the day, which was organized very much like the posts here describe. Merde to all the students applying this year.

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I'm a Fordham Alumnus in Business. Last year the Alumni Magazine claimed Fordham/Ailey was the most successful dance program in the country, getting a very high percentage into dance companies.

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I would expect nothing less from the Alumni Magazine . . . . . :)


The other colleges' Alumni Magazines are equally laudatory of the success of their own programs. :wink:

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Chicaballet - if you wouldn't mind, did your DD discuss and can you give any more information on what questions were asked in the interview and how long it was? Thank you in advance!

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The interview is the last part of the audition (after the solos), so it was pretty quick, 3-4 questions max and very friendly, According to DD, the interviewers had the students' short audition forms for reference, but not the Fordham Common Application, which goes directly to the university. The first question was a general "why are you interested in the program," In my dd's case, the next few questions focused on her ACT scores/grades and academics in general, which surprised her, She walked away with the sense that after the ballet, modern and solo segments, the judges have a good sense of which dancers they're interested in and it then becomes a matter of making sure students are strong enough academically for Fordham's admission (a separate process). Hope that's helpful.

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We are still waiting a decision as my D is a transfer student and had been told by Forham that her application won't be reviewed until April, after freshman decisions are made, At this point, we don't even know how many transfer spots are even available.


My daughter felt she had a good audition and was invited to the Summer Intensive, so we see that as a positive sign.


We toured Fordham last summer and I am impressed with the strong academic program. This may not be the right fit for everyone. I was wondering what the retention rate is for students in the dance program. It sounds like a very demanding program both academically and dance wise. Do most students manage okay, being away from home too? This is a big concern for me as a parent.




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My DD has recently been admitted to the Ailey/Fordham program. Can anyone speak to how different the Fordham college experience is for the dancers? For example, how many elective classes can they take? Do they ever travel abroad? Are they integrated into the social life at Fordham? I sense that dance comes first and everything else is secondary; is that an accurate perception? Thanks!

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With regard to the two posts about the Alumni Magazine claiming Fordham/Ailey was the most successful dance program in the country ... my daughter and I recently did an audit of 29 of the most prominent dance companies (not including classical ballet companies) in the country and of those only Juilliard had more graduates than Fordham listed as company members of these major companies. #1 Juilliard, #2 Fordham, #3 SUNY Purchase, #4 NYU Tisch. Just FYI!


My daughter will be a senior in HS this fall and is studying at Ailey this summer in the 6-week professional division summer intensive, in hopes that it gives her some kind of advantage in the application process next year. Anyone with any experience with Fordham's BFA program know if this experience will help her?? Any other info appreciated too. Thanks!

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That is interesting information pmcolorado! My DD has a very good friend that went to the Ailey SI between junior and senior year (last summer) and then stayed on at Ailey for her senior year (moving away from home). She then auditioned for the Ailey/Fordham BFA program during her senior year while she was a student in the Ailey pre-pro division. She got wait listed. As far as we know, she never was admitted. I have no idea if this is typical or not, just our anecdotal familiarity with someone who had what one would think of as an "in" with the school.

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My DD and I just attended a general prospective student tour on Fordham's Lincoln Center campus today. They talked about their "highly ranked" dance program in glowing terms. It never hurts to know someone who is affiliated with the program or enter a program for your senior year, which can in some ways be seen as a year long audition to prove yourself at a school. But in the end, I think most schools will always go with the most qualified applicant. In the case of a 'tie', I think the student they already know, provided they liked them and their work ethic, could have an advantage.

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Our daughter is completing her Ailey application as part of the Fordham / Ailey BFA program. We noticed the application does not reference letters of recommendation. Has anyone applied and if so, did you include any letters of recommendation?

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Has anyone auditioned for the 2014 incoming class of the Ailey Fordham BFA program? If so, what city did you audition in and how many auditioned? Thanks.

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DD had her Fordham audition this past Saturday in Washington DC. There were 30 names called for attendance but about 3-4 were no shows. There were 5 boys, ouch! The room was very small and there were no barres so they did a center barre that she said was tough. For the modern section they did 3 combos that she said were difficult for some of the kids that had clearly not had any Horton experience. She said there were no real stand out kids and that everyone looked pretty decent, so it will be tough for those that auditioned that day I think. During the pre-audition talk they told us that they will audition 400 dancers and give out about 45 offers of admission. A competitive program to be sure.

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pmcolorado - my DD auditioned in nyc and really enjoyed the audition process. there were about 24 kids - all girls. they were all talented with a few stand outs. is fordham your daughter's top choice?


at the audition, they mentioned that they would begin collaborating with fordham shortly following the final audition (i think the last one is the end of january on the west coast) to determine the pool of attendees.


is there anyone on the post familiar with the process and timing of notifications?

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