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Fordham University/ Alvin Ailey Affiliated program

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Hello Everyone, just thought I'd give this topic a nudge :) . Has anyone auditioned for the Ailey Fordham BFA program this year? :clapping:

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ahill6, would you be do kind as to edit your posts to include proper capitalization? We have members from all over the globe and many for whom English is not their first language. Therefore, using proper capitalization, punctuation, spelling, etc. makes it much easier for everyone---including those for whom English is a first language--to read. And . . . it sets a good example for our Young Dancers. :wink:

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Yes, my DD auditioned in Washington DC in early January. About 40 dancers in the audition including 4 young men. DD said almost all of the dancers looked good. Does anyone know when decisions will be made?

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My daughter is a student in the Ailey/Fordham BFA program. She received her acceptance via email on the date that Fordham had indicated that all regular decision acceptances would be avaiable. I believe this was 3/28, although I am sure it changes from year to year. There was no advance notice for the dancers. Best of luck to those awaiting a decision -- it was a stressful time for my daughter, who is thrilled with the program.

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Dance Mom - Thanks for the information :). If you don't mind, I have a few questions regarding the program, as she auditioned in December and it is her #1 choice. What was her dance experience prior to Ailey/Fordham? What year is your daughter in? How many students are in her class? And only if you're comfortable, how was your daughter's academic performance (SAT scores, GPA, etc.) coming out of high school? Thank you in advance for your kind replies.

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Acceptance to the Ailey/Fordham BFA program announced today. We have one very excited dancer with some exciting options in front of her. :clapping:

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Acceptance to Ailey/Fordham program received yesterday - HOORAY!!! We also have one very excited dancer! She is NYC bound regardless of where she chooses and couldn't be happier.... Still waiting for 2 more admission decisions and hoping she gets another choice or two, but if not she is beyond thrilled already.

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For those experienced with this program...do you feel you get enough ballet? My DD has been accepted and must decide between this and other programs like Butler and Cincinatti. So hard! She loved her audition. Wonder if the university has visiting weekends for prospective students? She is thrilled to be accepted, and loves the idea of Lincoln Center, and studying at the university. She is coming from a super strong ballet background and is wondering about the ballet vs modern. She does realize this is a modern company, but knows the dancers all seemed to have very strong ballet bases. Can anyone speak to this? Will be hard to decide!!



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My DD attended their professional division summer intensive last summer. She was put in a lower ballet class than she wanted, but from what she observed the higher level ballet classes at the summer intensive were quite advanced, and plenty of pointe work. If your dancer wants to join a classical ballet company then Ailey/Fordham is probably not the place for them, but if they are interested in contemporary ballet or modern it would be a wonderful choice I think. Congrats to you and your DD tutumom!

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