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So, as a new student of ballet, should I buy leather shoes? Currently I have a pair of Sanshas, and I have inquired from a couple of my instrucotrs if I purchased the correct kind of shoe for an adult beginner. There doesn't seem to be much of a consensus. I bought these because the guy at the Dance Store told me they were the kind I should have. I have noticed that as they get "broken-in", I seem to be more stable and can keep the weight on the ball of my foot better.


Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks everyone.

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Joseph, welcome to the Men's Forum here at Ballet Talk for Dancers. :(


Leather or canvas, either is fine. You will find as you go on that it's equally important not only to get the weight onto the ball of the foot in relevé, but to allow the weight to be distributed over a "control zone" from the after part of the ball of the foot to the forward part of the ball of the heel. Anything which helps you feel this proper weight distribution is good.

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Thanks Mr. Johnson. Someone did mention to me that here in Arizona, the split sole canvas is a popular choice for the guys because of the hot-dry envrinment, so the shoe tends to wear better and last a little longer.


On that note, how long should I keep a pair of shoes before replacing?


Thanks again.

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Mel, I would disagree on one issue: I can turn better with Canvas shoes. Bloch has the most confortable and durable liner for me. Sansha has big seams unber the ball of my foot, and I can feel it after spend time in them. Bloch's seams are thinner and closer to the outer edge of the shoe (more comfortable for me.)


Once canvas get sweaty, they do get sticky, especially in a humid studio. Sometimes i change shoes to a drier pair in class.



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Keep wearing the shoes until they, or either of them gets a hole. Then, as a new student, try canvas and see how that works for you. Buy thereafter based on your experience.

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