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Anyone with first hand information on the partnership program with North Carolina Dance Theatre and University of North Carolina-Charlotte?


I'd love information on the dance department at the college as well as the partnership for ballet students.



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We know one grad of this program (graduated 1 year ago), who is currently dancing professionally. She double majored in ballet and in a foreign language. She said that she did have opportunities to dance with NCDT in Nuts and she really enjoyed the program.


It is my understanding that the participants in UNC's certificate of Dance program are NOT considered true trainees at NCDT. They do get to dance with the NCDT student ensemble and in NCDT's Nuts. They take the advanced level classes at the school, not with the company. These occur late afternoon/evening and don't usually conflict with UNC academic classes. The NCDT ballet classes are counted as electives at UNC and they can earn up to 16 credit hours in this manner. Specifics are available here.


They are considered for NCDT II and some do dance with the second company (a paid position), while pursuing their college degree. I don't know of any who have been apprentices or corp members at NCDT while attending college. I was told by a representative of NCDT that this would be very difficult, due to the company schedule and conflicts with academic requirements.

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Be careful with this program. Many of the dance credit hours are not transferable. One of my dancers attended, last year tranfered to Butler University and many of her credit hours did not transfer. She had to repeat classes and entered Butler as a freshman. She has now attended summer school and has caught up. She did have opporunity to dance with NCDT's regional company which is a member of Regional Dance America/Southeast.

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The 'regional company' is the NCDT Student Ensemble. I've heard about the issue with the credits not transferring before. I'm glad you brought that up.


Have you posted about Butler's program over on their thread? It you are the mom, it would be great if you could fill out the questionnaire for that program and this one as well (it is in the Sticky at the top of the forum.) :thumbsup:

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Yes, please do fill out both questionnaires.



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I am not the mom. My dd attended Butler as a high school senior and now attends the University of Utah. I will be more then happy to help with both programs and will try to figure out how to use the "stickey".

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You are welcome to fill out the questionnaire (found in the sticky at the top of the forum) for the Utah program. Since your daughter attended the prep program at Butler, you have definitely made a 'college visit' to that program as well, so you can also post a questionnaire for that school.


As for UNCC, since you are not the parent, you cannot fill out the questionnaire. We want to keep the fact-based details that we are asking for in the questionnaire to first-hand experience only.


However, if you want to post anecdotal information about your student's experience as a simple post, you can do that. Please be sure that you state it as such and also please stay away from details about admissions, course credit, etc. as these need to come directly from those who get the information from the school. That will help us ensure that we stay away from hearsay and gossip - big NO NO's on this board! :wub:


I know you have lots of great information to share and I hope you will do so in the proper threads. :blushing:

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Dancers do in fact dance with the Student Ensemble and are are eligible for one ballet per semester. And can be used in company productions as needed or wanted (not guaranteed) Nutz is considered the Fall Ballet production. This limitation is to allow dancer/students time to be students and not stressed students. The student ensemble does perform at SERBA also.


Trainees and apprentices with this program would only have time for 1-2 classes so not considered part of the partnership agreement. Since the whole reason for the partnership was to attend college AND dance in a pre-pro environment. Some students have come in as part of the partnership and moved into traineeship and dropped college. Dance classes from UNCC will transferr as credits but there is some debate over the dance classes from NCDT as mentioned before.


2 weekly classes for the Advanced students are taught by Patricia McBride. One pas class and rehearsal by Mark Diamond and the rest of the classes weren't specifically mentioned as to the teacher. It appears to be a good program for those that want the best of both worlds: college and dance


The University is about 5-10 miles from the new studios which are lovely. The students were welcoming and the director of the school very nice and accomodating. Her interaction with the students as they entered was nice to see.


There is not minimum or maximum number of students allowed into the partnership. They accept who will fit in with their Advanced Level. The max they've had was 8 so far. The program is still new.


We scheduled and attempted to visit the Dance Department at UNCC. However, upon arrival we found that the class they scheduled us to see was taking a written test. The class was taught by Melissa Hale although not considered a high level ballet class because of the students currently in it, they are working on it (from conversations with students).



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Does anyone have current information regarding the degree program with certificate from UNC Charlotte/NC Dance Theatre? How does the quality and training compare to a Butler or Indiana program. Where are graduates dancing?


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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, endoftheline! We are pleased to have you join us.


I have merged your topic regarding UNC at Charlotte with the dedicated existing thread for that program. I realize no one has posted on the program in awhile, so hopefully your post will garner some more recent information.


However, it is BT4D policy that direct comparisons between programs is not permitted. That is because there are too many factors that change depending on whose viewpoint each factor is considered, valued, weighted, matched, etc. Each dancer (and his or her parent) has to decide for themselves which are the criteria of a program that matches their individual needs best. Here at BT4D, we collect, exchange, and provide first-hand information regarding factual information, personal experiences, and evaluations. We cannot offer direct comparisons between programs. Each person will need to do that themselves by reviewing the individual, dedicated threads for the programs they are interested in.


We look forward to your participation in other areas of our Board discussions!

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Congrats to your dd. I was just wondering how you applied to the UNC charlotte/NCDT program? Did you just apply to the college? Is there a special application process that is different for this program. I assume it required an audition at NCDT?

My dd is a Sophomore in HS at this time, but we are beginning the search. This sounds like such a nice comprimise between dance and academics. Congrats again and be sure to post to the forums when your dd begins the program.

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With regard to the UNC/NCDT program, at the NCDT auditions, there are usually forms for high school seniors that are registration for the UNC/NCDT program. I think perhaps you pay an extra audition fee for that too. You have to be accepted both by NCDT and then by the college dance department liason who works with the program. Then (or beforehand) you also need to apply to the college as a regular student. A note to those from less academic states, UNC requires more math than many state school programs.

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Thanks, that is good information to know, especially about the math . Are they looking for 4 years of HS math? Are you referring to the SI auditions where the forms would be available?

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Yes, the forms were available at the regular SI auditions. I remember the math was a hard requirement because my DD was not math-y. I think they required through calculus? You would want to check on that on the college website. My daughter applied and was accepted, but did not actually attend. It's a good college and the academic requirements reflected that. We found the dance department to be wonderful with communications. Definitely call or email them.

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