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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

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UNCC is one of the North Carolina public universities - I think there are 16 now. This would also include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the Tarheels), University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and North Carolina State University. All have the same minimum course requirements for entering students:


for Undergraduate Admission to UNC Institutions

Individual constituent institutions may require other courses in addition to the minimum requirements. For some transfer students and students who graduated from high school prior to 1990, special considerations have been made. Click on an institution for additional information specific to that institution


Effective in Fall 2006

Six course units in language, including



four units in English emphasizing grammar, composition, and literature, and


two units of a language other than English.



Four course units of mathematics**, in any of the following combinations:



algebra I and II, geometry, and one unit beyond algebra II,


algebra I and II, and two units beyond algebra II, or


integrated math I, II, and III, and one unit beyond integrated math III.


(The fourth unit of math affects applicants to all institutions except the North Carolina School of the Arts.) It is recommended that prospective students take a mathematics course unit in the twelfth grade.


Three course units in science, including



at least one unit in a life or biological science (for example, biology),


at least one unit in physical science (for example, physical science, chemistry, physics), and


at least one laboratory course.



Two course units in social studies, including one unit in U.S. history, but an applicant who does not have the unit in U.S. history may be admitted on the condition that at least three semester hours in that subject will be passed by the end of the sophomore year.


For more detailed information see http://www.northcarolina.edu/content.php/a...nt_info/mcr.htm.



It is a good idea to start checking admission requirements early in high school. Someone from this area told me Indiana has very high requirements, but I haven't checked them to see.

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Thanks, catdancer, for the kind words!


DD was not happy about taking another math class this year, and especially pre-calculus ("WHEN WILL I EVER USE THIS?!?!?"), but did it because of the NC requirements. She also applied at and was accepted to a private university that had higher academic standards, but, oddly enough, required only 3 years of math. (And don't even get me started on the high school graduation requirements in NC... apparently all kids here are expected to be engineers after college! :) ) From what we were told, the other class that would have satisfied the "higher than Algebra II" requirement was Advanced Functions and Modeling, whatever that is, but DD preferred the pre-cal teacher, so here we are.


As D1S1 said, there was a separate form and fee at the NCDT audition for the UNC-C program. The classes at NCDT are paid for through UNC-C, so that's a plus! I'm not sure when they will let us know about the SERBA stuff. They are WONDERFUL about answering questions, and will send you TONS of information. Alexis (the administrator over the trainee/apprentice and UNC-C programs) said that they will help the kids find housing if they need it. Some of the NCDT dancers even own rental property that they lease to the younger dancers. My daughter is really looking forward to the summer and fall! :)

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And don't even get me started on the high school graduation requirements in NC... apparently all kids here are expected to be engineers after college!


They just want to be sure that their top grads can gain admission to their top colleges (a host of them) which have tougher admissions requirements. Nothing like having a teenager in a school system where there are not those requirements thinking all along they'd like to maybe, dance, then in Senior year deciding they'd like to go to Duke and major in something but not be able to gain admission in one's own state because the high schools don't require the right things. But I digress......


SERBA is in the Spring, usually late April/early May. So "auditions" for SERBA pieces won't be until January most places, although some are worked on all year. There are fees attached with SERBA participation, travel, housing, "packet fees" and then also days off school. So sometimes the college students opt out because of the money and then opt into whatever other shows are available to them for spring.

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Any updates on this "partnership" program would be great.


Accd to the UNC & NCDT websites this partnership is a 2 yr dance certificate program -- How would that fit into the plans of a student who wishes to complete a college degree (B.A. in dance or other) while training at high level with NCDT over the course of a typical 4 yr college program? I did read that the two year, 16 credit certificate program has the option of continuing for an additional 2 years. Is this what is typically done? I wondered what percentage actually complete their college degree.


As the program has evolved and developed - how are the certificate students "different" from either NCDT trainees or apprentices? second company? Are they taking their own classes at NCDT or are they combined with either trainees or apprentices for their NCDT classes?


If anyone out there knows...what would a typical daily schedule be like for a certificate student? How much ballet at NCDT and how much time for classes each day at UNC (both dance classes & other academic classes).


Thanks so much for any news!


Any update on where certificate students have gone on to dance professionally?

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Bumping this up to see if anyone has any information on the is program. Specifically if the conservatory students are basically treated as trainees and if they have adequate performance opportunities.

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Just curious if anyone has new information on this program.



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