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Adjusting to high school


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Very well put go-tutu-go. Thank you. We haven't met too much resistance this time around. We had a lot more during her 8th grade year. A few of her teachers now seem to wonder why she has opted for the independent route since she is doing so well. She tries to explain the toll it takes on her but all they see is her work and grades. One teacher is intrigued by dd's focus and drive and is going to dd's spring rep this weekend to see her perform. DD's ballet teachers think it is a great idea and are happy to see her making the adjustment to her schedule. I am hoping to get some private time out of them since she will be more available. :ermm:

It is a decision we have made with our daughters input and approval. It is the best for her right now. I don't discuss her future or our choices with any of the parents at the studio. It really isn't their business. When they talk about AP courses and how much work their kids have, I just nod my head. When they talk about colleges and what my daughters plans are, I tell them if they really are that interested, ask her. It is her future and decision, not mine. That usually dampens their interest.

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