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Icing & Shower


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I ice my feet & hips after almost every class and then take a hot hot shower. I am wondering though if this defeats the purpose of icing. Should I ice before i jump in the shower, shower before I ice, or does it even matter?

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It doesn't really matter, especially since you are not treating for the acute stage of an injury.

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Guest jeffjeff1000

I would suggest the warm shower first followed be gentle stretching then cool the area with Ice as it should set the muscle at its stretched lengh. Do not use heat for a new injury for at least the first 5 days and don't start the stretching until the 5 days have elapsed. At the point when you are ready to start the stretching use heat and cold in equal time lenghs.

Good luck


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Guest twinklehooves

What if like...you're back is sore? Like you're really tense and you have alot of knots in your back? Wouldn't you want to apply heat instead of ice because ice would "set" the back muscles they way they are [which is tense and all knotted]??

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