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Cracking joints


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When I do battements or stretch my toes and lots of other things my joints snap and pop. It stops after the first few cracks and doesnt hurt or seem to disturb my dancing but is it bad for you?What can you do to stop it?

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If the snap, crackle, pop doesn't create any pain, then it's harmless. Ignore it and continue to dance. :)

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Ya, you should be fine, the same thing happens to me sometimes. If you should experience any pain though, and it persists, tell your dance teacher. other than that, its completly normal.

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o yea I forgot to ask... Is it true that cracking bones can cause arthritis (sp?) when you're older. That's what my mom always tells me whenever my hips or something cracks. :(

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No, I don't think there is any verifiable data to support that theory, sparkes. :(

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Myjoints are always cracjing my toes, my knees, hip, back, elbows and shoulder joints especially on the barre in like plies and back bends when you can hear them in class its really funny especially cuase im not the only one. I think its really normal some people crack and some don't.

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I once had a class that met at 8:30 AM. On monday mornings the sounds of multiple knees and hips cracking accompanying first plies of the day were quite musical.

The teacher just laughed.


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Guest theskysthelimit

In response, "cracking" is caused by bursting bubbles in the fluid surrounding your joints. It can relieve pressure, which means some people feel more flexible after cracking their hips or back. There is no connection between joint cracking and arthritis. However I have a quick question. My neck cracks alot. Like, I move my head a certain way and I can feel and hear my neck crack in 2 or 3 different places. My neck also seem perpetually sore!!!! what should i do?

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