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HOW TO: Start a New Thread or Topic: title advice, tips

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Courtesy of Balletbooster:


Starting New Topics

We do want to encourage those wanting to start a new topic, to quickly scan through the existing threads (alphabetizing the list makes this easier) and see if your topic already has a thread (or several threads) going. If it does, add your post to the existing thread instead of starting a new one.


Creating a Good Title


* Pay close attention to the new headings we are putting in front of some topics (such as Class Schedules or Hair). If you start a new topic that fits into one of the headings that has been established, use it in your title, please!

* The use of quotation marks, spaces, numbers or other characters before your title will also throw off the alphabetizing, so think about how you set up your title. Please do not use these symbols at the beginning of your titles.

* Try to be precise in your title. Put the clever and witty phrases in your subtitle, so that when folks are doing a search, they can easily tell what your topic is about.


These small and simple items will really help us keep our forums neat and tidy and make it far easier for you to find information when you are doing a search! Thank you! :blink:

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