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Guest Until The End Of Time

I can not find their mens stuff in actual photos. It's always drawings. That bothers me big time. Any place where I can order a catalog or view online their actual photos instead of drawings of what M. Stevens carries in mens ballet/ dance apperal?

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If it's quality you're wondering about, I can attest that m.stevens black tights are some of the best ever made in terms of appearence, value, and fit/feel. Probably the only thing better are those trendy designer tights will all the funky colors and whatnot ("Yumiko" I think is one), but I'm far too OCD with my dancewear to ever invest in something like that...

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bal togs tights, for example, has a lower lycra blend than, m. stevens. Bal togs are usually 82/18 and m. stevens are 77/23. m. stevens can be tumble dried but bal togs can't, according to the care tags in them.

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Highly reccomend m stevens they are the best tights I ever worn to dance in...though not a pro by any mean they really stay up and feel great

try ebay got great deals there on m stevens by chance..otherwise you can spend up to 35'00 on line or stores for m Stevens tights

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