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Ballet Schools- Harid Conservatory's Fall Workshop Series

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I am hoping that Ms. Schneider can help me with this question...

I noticed that last year the school offered a workshop series three weekends in the fall. Will there be a workshop series this year? I emailed the school but haven't heard back from anyone...

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sgmca, our Workshop series actually began yesterday, Sunday, September 18. So sorry to have missed you. There will be 2 more, October 9 and October 30. I am not sure why the information is not on the website, but I will make sure our administration is aware of it so that may be corrected.


In order to register for the following two workshops email: jtrivino@harid.edu

The technique class is at 1:00 followed by pointe or partnering. The last class is modern which finished at 5:00. It is a long day so make sure you bring refreshments. Generally our student council sells refreshments but today, for some reason, they did not. It is better to be safe...bring your own. Registration is not required, but it is a good idea!

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