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Performance opportunity for Adult Dancers - London


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I've stolen this from the ballet.co.uk board (posted by NatalieK) and I think people might be interested in knowing about it over here as well:


"WANTED: Adult Dancers"


   I am looking for a few adult dancers (approx. ages 20-35)to participate in a performance this coming February.

One of the aims of this performance is to give NON-PROFESSIONAL adult dancers the chance to perform and become part of a small company of fellow dance enthusiasts.


Requirements: 1) Must be able to attend Sunday afternoon/early evening rehearsals in Uxbridge.

2) Must be of at least an Intermediate level. Pointe work is highly desirable, however Modern/lyrical jazz numbers will be choreographed for those unable to perform pointe dances.


For more information please e-mail info@balletomane.co.uk


I've already emailed and waiting for a reply. Fingers crossed!!!




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Audition's this coming Sunday. I've never been to a proper audition before, so that's new for me.


The thing I'm most scared about it that there's a jazz session. I've been to the odd jazz class but never stuck around enough with it (mainly because of the teacher - I didn't feel I was learning).


I suppose nothing can really be done now but I just want to vent my fear.... :D:shrug::crying::green:



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I posted on the champagne couch thread (here) about how it went instead of this one and didn't see your question on this one.. sorry!


Casting was up last Sunday and I am going to be......


(drumrolls please!)


- Swan (corps in Swan Lake - out of about 11 to 12 people)

- Russian (in Nutcracker - 1 of 2 people)

- Arabian (in Nutcracker - 1 of 4 people)

- White Cat in Sleeping Beauty, 1 of 2 people - the other dancer is a guy (yay!) and he's the Black cat.


White Cat is en pointe!


I've only learnt part of the Swan bits and we haven't started on the others yet. Kind of to my relief I don't have to do the jazz dances (phew~)


(I'll make sure I'll learn them where I can but it's quite a relief that I don't have to get up to the other people's level in 3 months, from scratch)


Will keep you guys posted :wacko:




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Well done chinafish I am soooooo jealous :angry:


I wish there were more opportunities like this for adult dancers across the whole of the UK. As far as I can tell there is only ONE amateur adult ballet company.


Anybody else vote for a Ballet Alert Adult Ballet Company?!? :hyper:

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Rehearsals are every Sunday :angry:


Well none of them are solo roles, but I suppose as part of a duet it's kind of solo! :hyper:


Can't wait until next week!!

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Anybody else vote for a Ballet Alert Adult Ballet Company?!?  :angry:


With virtual performances??

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A virtual company would be good, if I could fit it all in. With out stealing Fish's glory. I am also in the same company as her. And I am looking forward to dancing my first solo role in years.




Yes I am going back on pointe !!!!!

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For those of you who don't take 'open' classes, but rather classes associated with a school, do you not get performance ops?


Since 2003, I have been in maybe 5 shows or so?

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