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Performance opportunity for Adult Dancers - London


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Don't be silly Tara - stealing my glory?! What glory?! I'm just happy to be able to perform!


:angry: Tara is one of the cygnets, and she's got solo roles as well!!!


Heh heh :hyper:



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Up until this September my only classes were at local dance. This did bring the benefits of regular performances aslo dance festivals. I always felt the outsider. As I hadn't gone to the school since I was young, also I am not orginally from the area.



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I am saddened to hear that you always felt the outsider, as it obviously should not be that way! I'm very clearly not from the area nor the country, but have never felt excluded for that reason.


Considering that, I am even more happy for you and this opportunity!



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Hey Tara, you're going back on pointe! So did you find pointe shoes that didn't hurt? :D Gosh, maybe one of these days even I will have to go back on my "I don't need to do pointe work" attitude and find a pair of more comfortable ie, properly fitting, shoes - I always had Bloch Supremas 'cos that's all they sold ... :blushing:


Oooh am I going to be tempted? :innocent:


Toi toi toi to you & Fish (that's the German equivalent of 'Break a leg'). Let us know when the performance is, and we'll have a BT4D meet up at the performance, and throw flowers on stage at the curtain call :D:shrug::flowers:



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