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Guest 321dance

hi-our school just passed out the info for audtioning for their nutcracker. i would like to audition but they have many (11) performances all at a theater that is about 20-40 min.(depending on traffic) away. this is also my 1st year of high school so homework is always a problem. nutcracker would take up about 2 weeks before christmas of performances almost every night including missing about 3 days of school for extra school performances. i'm just wondering if i should still try out and try to make it through those 2 weeks. i know i should ask myself "is it worth it?' and "how much does it mean to me?" but i'm still undecided...

any thoughts on this subject would really help!


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Hi, I would like to say, that if you love to dance, this shouldn't get in the way of your dreams. It is my first year of highschool as well, I just moved, is is a 20 minute trip to school,and ballet, and I think our Nutcracker does about 50 shows. I was faced with the same decision, but I am going to let all my teachers know when I am busy, and accomodate my scheduale accordingly. I know it will be a stretch for me, and for you too, but I think that any performance opportunity is worth it! :)

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However, let us live in the real world, shall we? Twenty minutes is not forty. Only commit to those things which you know you can do. If you are prepared to work extra hard and keep your schoolwork up, and also if you have a reliable way to the rehearsals and performances, then I say fine. But if you can't do those things, it's really better that you don't obligate yourself.

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Right. It's all totally "doable", but you do have to be very organized, and learn how to prioritize and get all your school work done on the trips and in between things. Our students perform with the professional company, which is an excellent experience for them. They have 26 performances, and most of them live at least 45 minutes to an hour, or more, away from downtown DC. The younger children have several casts in each role, but the advanced students are in every show.

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Guest aenergizerbunni3

There is going to be auditions for the nutcracker on the 8th and I would like to auditon but I just began ballet this year. The advertisment for the audition said ages 5-early teen, all skill and expierence levels. I take 1 hr class on mondays and a private lesson for 30min on thursdays and then after my private lesson a 1 hour class with younger kids. Should I auditon?

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Look at the advertised skill and age levels. What does that say to you? After all, all they can say is "no".

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Guest xballetdreamsx

Wow... 20 to 40 minutes? Consider yourself lucky... last year during the Nutcracker, we had a very big snow storm the night before my performances. My parents ended up taking 2 hours to drive to the theater and we ended up with about 10 or 15 minutes to spare when we got there, and even less when I got checked in and such. You just learn to do things like homework in the car while you're driving. But, I agree with everyone else that posted on here. If you think it's going to be too stressful... don't do it. If you want to... go for it. :)

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