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Ballet Met adult classes (Columbus, Ohio)

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Greetings, all!


This is my first post here -- just now getting up the courage to get back into ballet. :sweating: I'm a late starter who is, well, re-starting after a 2 year hiatus (and 20 pound weight gain . . . grrrrr . . . . .). I've moved to the Columbus area and am hoping to find an appropriate studio where I can restart my ballet training. Has anybody taken adult ballet classes at Ballet Met in Columbus, Ohio? (Or can anybody recommend another studio for adult classes? Unfortunately, everything in the phone book looks "Dolly Dinkle"-ish.)


On a similar note, I've set a January deadline for getting myself back into some sort of shape so that I can restart ballet (and fit back into my "cute" clothes!). My plan includes cardio, stretching, eating more healthfully, and perhaps some basic barre work at home. Any ballet or pilates videos/dvds anybody has tried and liked?


Any help is MUCH appreciated!

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I can tell you a little bit about the adult classes at BalletMet. Your best bet is to check out the web site www.balletmet.org and go to Dance Classes and find the adult schedule. There should be different levels listed. The Beg/Int classes are taught on Mon by Daryl Kamer, Tue Kennet Oberly, Wed I am not sure, Thur George Boft, and Sat Kennet Oberly. All of them teach a very good adult class. As for the Beginner ballet classes, I am not sure exactly who is teaching each one, but I know that the adult beginner classes always have a good turn out (no pun intended, lol!) I think that it would probably be a good place for you to check out. The studios are lovely.


There are a few other studios in town that have adult classes, though I am not sure of their schedules. Check out Columbus Dance Theatre www.coldancetheatre.org though you may have to call for the schedule. There is another small studio called Irveline's which is very good but has limited adult classes (during the day, some in the evening). No website, but you can call. She teaches a very moving (in every sense of the word) class. Also, just because some schools sound dinkle-ish, they may not be. Your best bet would be to call or observe a class to see if it lives up to (or down from) your expectations.



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I'm familiar with all the schools b1 mentioned (though I'm not the dancer in the family), and would recommend them all, Irveline especially for someone easing back into ballet. Her phone number is 614-889-0106.


There's also a Dinkle in the Powell area, just north of the Franklin county line, that recently scored a superb adult ballet teacher in Scott Brown. The studio's name is Dance Reach (I think the Web site is www.dancereach.com), but Scott is quality.

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Not sure if he is teaching adult classes there. He is also teaching children in the Hilliard area, but, again, no adult classes...as of yet.

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We had a very popular teacher of adults here in MD, Blake Beardsley, who has returned to the Columbus Dance Theatre (already mentioned above). I believe he is also teaching at another nearby dance school (may be Dinkle-ish...), but he was great at encouraging adults of all levels.

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Guest DedicatedGator

Thanks all for the helpful input! I'm fairly new to the Columbus area, and it is nice to hear there are several possibilities for adult ballet students around here.


b1, I think your suggestion to sit in on a class or two is an excellent idea. Again, thank you for the help.




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