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Articles: Community Service and ballet

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This is my first try at creating a hyperlink so I hope it works.

This links to an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer. It is a lovely article about the positive influence of ballet in an unexpected quarter.


Community service project with Cinci ballet


The ballet is also the Tango49's son professional debut with the Cincinnati Ballet. My DD's school will be attending a school performance of the ballet this morning.

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Now, that's really impressive! At first when I started reading, I thought , "whoa, inmates!!" But, I quickly became impressed with the guys' interest levels. Talk about introducing the Arts! Bravo.

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Wow! I'm really impressed with the innovative tactics being used at Cincy Ballet! It is great to hear of the continued interest and plans that the inmates have to participate in future ballet activities. Very inspiring!


Can't wait to hear about Tango49's son's debut with the company. He will be dancing the lead pas in the wedding scene!

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I can hear the judges now, "I sentence you to no less than three years, and no more than five of ballet lessons!" I wonder if that would be "cruel and unusual punishment".

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I have a friend with a PhD in Philosophy who had a second job in which he taught "the Classics" to inmates. The Texas Prison system has a huge presence in our county. He had done research, and received a grant to teach the classics to probationers. He really enjoyed the discussions that ensued from this - much different than a normal classrom setting!


Exposing people to the arts has many, many benefits. It opens minds!

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This sounds like such a wonderful, innovative program that can only have positive results. Very Cool.


I just told my daughter about it (she just finished an "interesting" :shrug: pas de deux class), and she just said, "Well now you never know who's gonna show up for pas de duex." :(

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