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How are your residency programs going?

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Thank you everyone for relating your experience with a child leaving home. From now until Jan. 7 when I fly with her to move I'll be very anxious because I'll be imagining all of the "what ifs". Once she is settled in that anxious part will go away and the missing her physical presence will creep up. But the more I look at my mixed feelings about her leaving I discover things that I hadn't thought about before. In many ways without her parents around my daughter will have a truly objective sounding board in her grandparents for any ballet issues that could come up. They know nothing about the ballet world other than their granddaughter loves it, they think she's great and boy, it takes up a lot of her time! Whereas her father and I have been deeply involved with the in's and out's - do's and don'ts, etc. of ballet and I will admit that probably without realizing it, our advise and opinions on things is biased sometimes. Also we are so accustomed to "guiding" her, that now she will learn to guide herself and really discover if this is the life for her. She has already taken that first step by shedding the high and mightly notion that good ballet training can only be found in NYC, rather there are excellent teachers and programs to be found if you keep an open mind and your eye of the final goal.


Tomorrow I'm hoping to iron out the details between her current high school and new school as their school terms don't coincide and we'd like her to start the new school on their semester schedule. But that means she will miss that last 2 weeks of coursework at her current school ... what happens to mid-terms? Well I'll find out tomorrow.


Keep you posted.

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My heart goes out to you! Our DD moved away to a residency school in August the same weekend my son moved to his college dorm. It was hard! But, it has worked out great. My daughter is so happy. Yes, we miss her so much, and she misses us, but this was the right decision. She is getting great experience, wonderful training, and has such a good core of friends. We talk almost everyday, and like happyfeet it is sometimes a long conversation. We have gone "grocery shopping" together by phone. She has also learned how to manage money and to think through things in a "big picture.


We have one son left at home with us, and I am trying to make the most of my time with him. Being the youngest he has sometimes gotten put on the back burner with the older 2 kid's activities. I look at this as my special time with him.


I know School of Ballet Chicago is a good training program. We have had a couple of kids from our local studio attend there for the year round program. One of the girls is in her first year with a trainee contract with Nashville Ballet. Our DD attending a summer intensive there a few years ago and loved it. Dan and Patricia are wonderful people. They have come our DD local studio and set pieces for the last 3 years.


Our DD was not able to come home for Thanksgiving and will not be home until the 27th because of Nutcracker. We are just adjusting our celebration of the holidays. But, this is an experience that has been fantastic for her. We are counting down the days, but my heart is also dreading Jan. 8th when I know we will have to say good-bye again. I don't know if it gets any easier, but it does help so much knowing she's happy. I went in the fall for a visit and am thrilled with the classes and the training she's receiving.


Just make the most of the days ahead! Your relationship will blossom through all of this!



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Well I am a third through my year at the Academie de Danse Classique Princesse Grace in Monte Carlo. After an adjustment period of being thousands of miles away from home and not knowing anyone, I am enjoying the experience. The dorms are right in the same building as the studios (for the girls; boys live in an apartment provided by the royal family!), so I'm able to use the studios whenever I like which is great. I usually have 3 classes per day during the week, and one on Saturdays. There are five teachers, including Marika Besobrasova, who is the director of the academy. Even at 87 she is extremely intimidating! Umm...I don't really know what else to say, there is so much that if I typed every aspect my post would be a novel! I guess if anyone has questions about it they can post. I fly back to Monte Carlo tomorrow to continue my studies :cool2:



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