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Wondering if there are any updates about the application and audition process, the program in general, and any current dancers in the program that could speak to the day to day of the program? My Senior is very interested in this program and we have not heard so much about it but seems to be very impressive - facilities, faculty, and competitiveness of acceptance into the CCM. She is hoping to audition in January (2020) at their first audition. Thanks in advance for any info!

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My DD auditioned last January. She really liked the program and the faculty. In the end it was in her top two and it was a hard choice for her to make. As far as the audition: you have to submit a video which seems like more of a formality, tho maybe they use it for further assessment rather than as a prescreen. We went a day early and booked a campus tour, etc. The morning of the audition checked in and proceeded to the studio for warm up. Seemed like fairly classical ballet audition. A small portion was modern which was not a big deal at all - my dd doesn't train year round in modern and was a little nervous about that but it ended up being pretty insignificant. After the audition they took the students and parents into a classroom for Q&A.  She got her acceptance fairly quickly, but the scholarship awards take a while. They keep the program pretty small. They seem to place their graduates well. We really liked the program.

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tprice, Thanks so much! If you don’t mind, what were some of the things about the program that your D really liked? And do you know about dance scholarship opportunities? Any other tips for the process at UC CCM?  Thanks in advance for any more info!

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Please remember that these particular dedicated threads have a specific purpose:  Research and sharing of information on the specified program. 

We set them up this way so that folks interested in the specific programs do not have to wade through collateral topics or overly personal sharing.  

If you want more general information, please use the General Discussion forum, either tagging onto an existing pertinent thread or starting one if no pertinent one already exists. 

Please also remember that it is BT4D Policy not to provide or request direct comparisons among programs.  We provide the empirical information for each member to do their own comparisons. 👍

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Does anyone have any recent reviews regarding this program?  My dughter is a current junior in high school and the ballet program looks wonderful at UC CCM.  We really like the opportunity to co-op with a regional company while still earning your degree.  Can anyone speak to this aspect of the program?


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My daughter was accepted into CCM this year and it is still on her list for consideration. We haven't had the chance to visit yet, but so far the school has been very nice reaching out to her. Daughter was drawn to the program and the opportunity to work with a company (I believe junior year). FYI - there is a virtual presentation this weekend of their ballet ensemble if you'd like to check them out (we're planning on watching).


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@ballettalkgrm We haven't scheduled a visit yet as we were hoping to hear about financial aid. We actually tried to watch the ballet ensemble performance virtually last night. We weren't able to watch all of it due to a conflict, but the link is still posted. It was about 90 minutes and they showed excerpts from Les Sylphides, Napoli and some contemporary choreo from faculty. 

Link: https://uc.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/CCMONSTAGE+OnlineA+"Travelogue"+with+the+CCM+Ballet+Ensemble/1_tvxib8lu

If we get a chance to schedule a visit, I will be sure to post.

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