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yes....i was just planning on bringing it to the audition (i wont get a copy of it until tuesday or wednesday next week) so should i just bring it along? or fed-ex it when i get it?

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I called to ask about the video since it said 2 different things in the info. They said to send it so the auditioner wouldn't have to lug them all back. I just sent it yesterday since I had a hard time getting my dd to do it....

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My dd did the audition at NYC last Sat. Only about 15-18 dancers were there. The teacher, a very nice oriental man, talked with the parents first. Only 10 freshman dancers will be accepted since only 7 seniors are graduating. He said there are only 40 in the ballet dept. My dd said he videod them doing a combination 2 at a time and also took pictures so the other faculty members could see them also. They will find out after the last audition in Cinci which is this Fri. DD is interested in the program but feels she has a slim chance with only 10 spots.

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My dd was also there with Balletgirls dd. I ws not there so of course I got very little info. Thank-You Balletgirl for filling me in!


My d told me how lovely Balletgirls dd is, and with so many acceptances to fantastic schools, I'm sure she is very much in the running.


A big shout out to your beautiful daughter this weekend!!!!!!! :)






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Dd received her acceptance letter in the mail yesterday. She is interested in this program since it is smaller than the other ballet dept. she was accepted at.

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My youngest dd has decided to go to Cinci Cons. Anyone else going? Would love to hear from anyone.

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Does anyone know how competitive admission is to University of Cincinnati as a dance major? Is it a BFA degree? BA? For those who are/have students there, what's your impression of the program?

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My youngest dd got into the ballet program but had knee surgery after the audition. She decided to quit dancing and is now a physical therapy major there. She loves it there. I feel it is pretty competitive- she was in the top level of a big pre pro school when she was a senior.

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msd CCM is a BFA and they have had increasing numbers of students auditioning and are becoming more selective. I am sure if you gave a call to Shelli Cash (i think she is the current head) she can give you the numbers of auditioned versus excepted. Two years ago the ended up with a class of 30 freshman which was almost twice as much as previous years.

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Anyone with information on where this year's graduating class is going after leaving CCM, please share. If this placement is within a company, please also share at what level: corp, trainee, teaching, switch to contemporary,etc.

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Does anyone know why University of Cincinnati does not end up on the list of good colleges to attend for a ballet major? Is this not as selective as other programs? My daughter really liked the Conservatory when we visited this summer, better even than some of the other well-known programs like Butler, University of Oklahoma, Southern Methodist University, TCU, etc. So I was wondering why this school does not appear on the lists with those types of school. Are the classes not as advanced? Thanks for any information along these lines that you can pass along to me.

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The Conservatory does come up quite often in discussions here. I disagree that it isn't regarded as a strong ballet program. In recent years, some of the others on your list have moved more toward being strong modern/contemporary programs. So possible it's just that it is a program where a large number of members attend and then continue to discuss as much as IU and Butler. Like everything else, some years you'll see a huge number of members slanting in one direction in others years, you'll see them seeking out other programs. We've had a pretty long lull of conversation about OU and then recently have had quite a bit. It all goes in cycles.


The best thing when dealing with colleges is for you to visit, determine your list of desires, how much ballet you need/want on the schedule. If your intent is to dance ballet after college and then go with the program that best suits you. Hopefully you got to take a sample class as well.

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Which of these programs do you feel have become more modern-focused: University of Oklahoma, Southern Methodist, Texas Christian, Butler, Dominican/Lines Ballet, University of Missouri - Kansas City, and University of Cincinnati, CCM?

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