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tutu2you--this particular thread is for the discussion of University of Cincinnati's Conservatory. Since it appears you are a new member, I'm going to suggest you go to each of the college threads you've mentioned and read what is written there about each program and then ask specific questions there about the amount of ballet and focus of the program currently there.


The College reviews and info can be found here: Colleges with Dance programs There is an individual thread by name for most if not all of the programs you've named. If there is not one, please do start one.


Then I would also suggest you look at some threads from the Higher Education Forum specifically keying in on: College program details, details, details, while the latter is an older thread, it has quite a bit of information about trying to determine what is a ballet based program and not one.


And here are some additional ones as well: College Dance programs: what are the deciding factors?


It is important in looking at dance colleges that you are the one to determine why you are planning to attend a dance college, what you expect to get out of it (ballet career afterwards, teaching, other types of dance), look at current graduates and what they are doing as an indication of either where dancers in those programs change focus and end up or possibly where the training receive sends them, and which schools can help you achieve the things you'd like to achieve. Then visit and take class to be sure that what you think and have learned is what you see before you. After you've read those threads, then I'd guide you go to each individual thread of the colleges you have on your list and begin to ask questions to "bump" the thread back up so that those with first hand information on the current status of that particular school can help you. Doing so will help you find the college that you are looking for, that has enough ballet to get you where you want to go and get reflections from people who've either been there or are currently auditioning, to share what they have been finding. Enjoy the threads and we look forward to seeing your questions on those threads so the information gathered is in the right place for those who come after you.


It is not that I do not want to answer your question, but, since I have no information about your goals and aspirations after college, it's important that the person who has that knowledge of that is the one to see if a program is for them, and that it's what they'd like it to be. My own daughter wanted a career in Classical Ballet and did not end up going to college, but we did look at many of those you named. If she had wanted that career after college, there are some I would have thought were more suited to her goals and others not. For a member whose goals were a little different, there may have been enough ballet focus for them.


After this post though, let's leave this thread to discuss only University of Cincinnati's Conservatory and it does have a classical ballet focus unless things have changed since 2006 when we looked.

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When my youngest dd auditioned for the Conservatory, they seemed to be very selective. I don't remember the amount they were taking for the freshman class, but it wasn't very many. My dd got in, decided to go, but then quit due to knee surgery. She is now at Univ of Cinci as a journalism major and is very happy.

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tutu2you - I wish DD was able to audition in Cincinnati so we could visit the Conservatory and the dorms. She will be attending the 2/13 audition in NY. I would love to hear your thoughts after your audition. Merde on the 23rd!

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My dd will be at the Jan 23 audition. I called the ccm to confirm everything and they said that they are expecting 30 dancers at Jan 23 audition. They currently have 43 dancers in the program. We visited the ccm at the end of May last year and saw their spring performance. It was a great performance - we were very excited to see the level of dance, technical ability and creativity.

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I spoke to someone at the Conservatory the other day as well. They told me that overall they expected 89 prospective students to audition, from which they would accept 50. Seems like a high acceptance rate if they only have a total ballet enrollment of 43, but a better chance for our children to get in.

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Hi tutu2you -


My notes are that they are targeting 45 to 50 total dancers in the company overall.


They currently have 43. They are losing 11 seniors next year. If you take that 11 plus an additional 7 would get the total "adds" for next year at 18 dancers which would bring the total company number to 50 dancers. I was told on the phone that they are looking to add about 15 to 20 dancers, so the math makes sense. Depending on their anticipated acceptance rate and any other dancers that may leave the program (for whatever reason), they would invite more than 20 to ensure that number. In any event, the auditions will be exciting. Good Luck!

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Hello DOTT. How did your daughter feel she danced last weekend? We were unable to make it; the whole family was ill. We'll try again next weekend. Any advice about the audition there? How soon do they inform the dancers of acceptance? of scholarships?

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Hi tutu2you -


I'm sorry that your family was ill. The audition on Jan 23 was very organized with a tech class, pointe and modern. There was a q&a session after the audition - seems like a very good program. They said that we should receive notification in 2-3 weeks.

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DOTT - thanks so much for posting. DD is auditioning for this program in a few weeks so your info is appreciated. How many dancers were in the audition? And how long before you receive a decision? Best to your daughter on her journey.

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Thanks lgmg11 -


There were 24 at the audition on Jan 23 - they originally had 30 names posted on the board. They said that 2 boys were injured and couldn't make it. They didn't say why the others weren't there. I am assuming maybe illnesses or other injuries etc. In the info session, they said that we should receive notification in 2-3 weeks. The waiting is the hard part! Good luck to your dd.

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Thanks, DOTT, for all the wonderful information on the audition and the program. I believe we are heading up to Cincinnati on Friday. Unfortunately, my daughter will not be able to attend the class as we'd hoped. She needs to see the orthopedist tomorrow instead of doing the car trip. Hope your daughter received an acceptance and that mine will as well. Did they mention anything about merit scholarships? Out-of-state fees are high!

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tut2you and others coming in

Cincinnati is predicting snow/slush/ice for Friday through Saturday so bring some boots. UC rarely closes so that shouldn't be an issue but it is likely to be wet and slushy- which is what cinci winter weather is freuqently like. The temp should be around 30-32 so it is hard to know what form the water coming out of the sky will take.

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