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Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

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Does anyone know anything about the dance program at Tisch? It is on his short list of colleges that he is applying to this year and I just wondered if anyone had any first hand knowledge. Thanks, Terri

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tsavoie, there's been quite a lot of discussion on this program before this forum was started. Here's a search I just did for Tisch on all forums: Tisch. You'll see all the posts in which it is mentioned and you'll see the threads that these posts reside in.


At some point, when an intrepid moderator has the time, perhaps they will split out the Tisch posts into this thread. :hyper: Meanwhile, check out these posts and we'll see what we can do - and hope that some of those who've been to Tisch as auditioners or attendees will post again. B)


P.S. You'll note that three threads in this forum: NYC Colleges With Strong Dance Programs, College Interview Tips/explaining ballet training and College Ballet Programs: Details, Details & more! have some very good, first hand experience. Perhaps you might PM the posters and see if you can bring them back on to this specific thread to help everyone out.:D

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Guest sarabesque

I have done the searches, including the one listed above (which has an error message when I click thelink) with very minimal results.

Perhaps some more people can give more information. I know that Tisch has a great location (NYC), considers itself a serious dance program, and offers the option of graduating in three years so that the dancers can be auditioning sooner. THey claim that the program has equal ballet and modern and that you can choose your classes, but I had always thought is was a modern program. Any information would be great!

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I found lots of information on Tisch when I did a search.


These search results contain the names of several users who auditioned there and one who was accepted and is currently in attendance, I believe. It also contains some good financial aid information.


Read through these results carefully and then PM the members with specific insight that might be helpful to you and ask them some questions! :green:

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Guest arabesque07

I can't give you much of anything first-hand, but two of my good friends/dance teachers just graduated from Tisch and they absolutely loved it!! They said that they improved so much and had a great time there. Hope that encourages you a little anyway.

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I have now found out that Tisch does indeed have a good ballet program. Based on the audition class, it is a reasonable ballet class. Also they require more ballet per week than modern/contmporary. The 3 years for a degree program also sounds good. Is there anyone reading that actually has attended? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Thanks, T

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Letters should be coming soon!


I will be visiting NYU in a few weeks and viewing their student dance performance. I'll let you know how I feel about the school!

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Also looking for any first hand knowledge regarding Tisch. And in general anything about financial aid and scholarships as compared to other schools. Very steep tuition and costs!

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While my DD did not make it through the audition process last year, I can certainly tell you that the admissions staff are very personable, communicative and open to questions. Do not be afraid to oepn a dialogue with the school. I counsel college students, and cannot stress enough to visit the campus, talk with students, and meet your particular admissions counselor. They are also open to "introducing you" via email to a current student, just ask!

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THey do have a fair amount of discretionary money to award for scholarships. Also, NYU has some money for kids with good grades, also there is also the financial need side of things. If you are lucky enough to be from New York State there are regents scholarships and a couple of other state aid things. Tisch is pretty pricey,but talk to the school and see what they can offer.

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Also looking for any first hand knowledge regarding Tisch. And in general anything about financial aid and scholarships as compared to other schools. Very steep tuition and costs!



Yes my son goes there for drama, he had good grades, the amount of scholarship is not much to offset the tutition. I had ask around, this is not uncommon for them. When you do the FASA form, and they give you what they expect from the parents, XX amount of money. They do not even try to met this amount. I had inquire about this, and they explain to me, they are not needs meet college.IMPO Harvard gives out more money then they do. But NYU does have a good reputation for contacts in Acting. I hope I will not be in box with two aspiring Artist.

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Guest balletandsynchro

My daughter applied for Tisch last year, and ended up being waitlisted. She did very well at the audition; what I believe held her back was her SAT score and/or lack of AP classes. Dd attended a well known residency for her sophomore and junior years, and no AP classes were offered. Due to her rigorous dance schedule here at home her senior year she attended a local HS but was unable to fit AP into her schedule.


The gentleman who conducted the interview following the audition did express concern about her SAT score and lack of AP classes. We had been told at a local information session that NYU looks for a 2100 on the SAT for admission. While I am sure that there are students who are admitted to NYU with less than 2100 SAT (and my daughter's was not too far away from that magic number), bear in mind that they do want a high SAT.


I would concur that the admissions department at NYU is very helpful. I always received a return telephone call or email within about 24 hours. Also, if your dancer is planning an out of town auditon, make sure to request it right away, as those tend to fill up very quickly. We opted for a local audition, as my daughter had visited NYU the previous spring. :grinning:

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