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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

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My d got waitlisted which makes our decision on the other colleges easier!

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My DD was rejected, so now we are down to two  to choose between... And they were her top choices to begin with so it's all good.


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Ibanitt--What are your dd's top choices if you don't mind my asking?

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U of AZ and Point Park.  She wanted a program where she could continue classical ballet training/pointe (not just "ballet for modern dancers") and still do contemporary and jazz (and tap).  So the triple track programs were especially appealing to her.  

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I’m curious…what type of SAT scores are needed to be considered?

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Dd is currently at NYU Tisch.  I will try to list all the things we were trying to find out last year when she was applying:

Freshmen have dance 5 times per week (including Saturday) 8:45-noon, with Wednesday a dance lecture morning.  Dance is split between ballet and modern, except Saturday is only ballet.  There are about 60 freshmen in the BFA dance program this year, which is double all prior years - dd is not sure if that was on purpose or if they admitted too many.  (Update -there are 50, and the reason is they had more students accept than they expected; they aim for a class of 35)  They have been divided in to classes of about 17, so still get individual attention, but it was a random division, which is frustrating to those who are at a higher level in modern or ballet.  (Update - it was not entirely random, but an average of modern/ballet based on Tisch audition, which was a video submitted last year; due to covid students stay in the same group and classroom for ballet and modern, while teachers change classrooms).  The only pointe class is Saturday, and it is leveled.  One day a week there is hip hop or yoga.

They dance in masks - students must be masked at all times on campus, even in dorms if they leave their room.  All students must be vaccinated.  (Update - partnering is expected to return next semester)

All NYU freshmen must take Writing the Essay (even if you’ve scored a 5 on both English APs) and dance BFA freshmen also must take music, choreography, production crew, and anatomy.  Dd is taking an additional academic class in pursuit of a minor outside of Tisch, but that is optional.  

The dance department frequently receives free tickets to performances around NYC, and they are available on a first come first serve basis - Dd has been to a few.  There has already been a student choreography performance at their black box theater, including freshman choreographers, which was live-streamed.  

Student dorms are small, as you would expect in the city, but maintenance is prompt and they are very safe - especially this year, as only NYU students who live in dorms are allowed to visit the dorms.  (Covid policy I think).  Dd chose her dorm because it has a beautiful dance studio - but it is currently closed “due to Covid”, so FYI.

This a 3 year program - the dancers must attend 2 summers, which are exclusively dance, so students basically go straight through and that is how they finish in 3 years.

You do not have to submit SAT scores to NYU;  dd submitted multiple AP tests instead.  For the BFA, she thinks they are more concerned with “are you a dancer who can handle the academics of NYU” rather than a specific score.  My best guess on the admissions process, based on her experience: Tisch dance decides whether to accept a dancer and simultaneously NYU admissions decides academically, although it is handled internally so students only receive one acceptance (or rejection) email.

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My dd is interested in NYU as well. So when they receive acceptance it is only from NYU, not separate artistic/academic acceptance? 

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