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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

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Does the dance department let you know that you are acceptable to them before the academic admission deadline of April 1? Of course I know that you have to be admitted for both before you get official notification.

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Hello, and thank you for all the great information here! My dd auditioned at the February 6th audition in NYC, and thankfully made the cut so she got to do her solo and be interviewed. They had about a 2-hour class with ballet and modern combined, all the usual barre, center, and some combinations that were very quickly taught. Those who made it to the end (I think about 8 out of about 60?) were divided into 2 rooms and performed their solos for different groups of staff members (several in each room). Each person was then individually interviewed by a different person. I would love to know how they decide when not every judge sees/hears every candidate, but dd seemed pleased with how it went and met some really nice girls. Danser or 32fouettes (or anyone else in the program) ... Would love to hear more about the performing opportunities. Do you always perform in the space there at the Tisch dance building? Who comes to the performances, and does the NYU student body support the program by attending? Do most dancers live in dorms / apts. closer to the main campus or to the dance building? And for those who have been there awhile, what is the 6-week summer program like? And the dreaded economy question... what, if anything, have you heard concerning the Arts budgets at NYU, and do you think it will be affecting the dance program? Lots of questions, any help appreciated! Thank you so much!

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Question about Tisch...how many kids audition and how many are accepted? Also, I know there are interviews in all these schools and I find that fantastic, actually. But are they (the interviews) really a big influence on the final decision of who is in and who is not?. I suppose that if you made it to the interview, you kind of caught their eye...just wondering here. With dance it is all so confusing. :thumbsup:

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So many questions (understandably)! I'll try my best to answer.


Most performing opportunities are through student choreographed work (at least in your first two years). There are five shows each year open to all BFAs and MFAs to produce work, two specifically MFA produced concerts (although undergrads can dance in pieces), and one show called CC and D which is a class focused on collaborating with other students in Tisch (set designers, costumes designers, composers, and musicians). There is only one professional show each year, called Faculty Performance, in which different faculty members create work which is optional and by audition. Otherwise, the only professional work you get is in your third year, when you're in the company (Second Avenue Dance Company), in which four outside choreographers audition and set pieces. There is still opportunity to choreograph student work at this time. All performances are at the dance building with some exceptions (there was an alumni show at Skirball this year, and sometimes Tisch participates in choreographic celebrations, etc.).


The summer program is 6 weeks. Each week a new company begins their residency. You have ballet and modern in the morning, followed by that company's rep class that afternoon. In addition to those classes, there are lecture demonstrations, lunch talks, and informal rep showings each week. After your 2nd year, there is an opportunity to study as an exchange student in Salzburg, Austria. This is optional and limited to a small group of students each year.


I can't remember the typical audition count, but they usually accept about 50 students assuming that 30 will come.


I think interviews are to feel you out as far as personality goes. They want to just find out who you are beyond the technique and see what kind of dance you're really interested in. They also usually ask you questions about AP classes, test scores, and financial need (stuff that the university asks for) because you must get into NYU academically to be accepted into the dance program. It is not a joint decision, although you will only get one letter of acceptance/rejection.


Hope that helped!

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To those students that have been admitted to Tisch in the previous year (s)...did you ever get a student id when you first applied? Also, were you ever invited to an event that the school has around April? It is some kind of social gathering among the accepted students. It is said, by the way that not all accepted students are invited to this. But just asking.

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I can't remember exactly when I got my student ID, but I want to say it came in the large NYU acceptance envelope, not the Tisch invite. And yes, I'm not sure about the other students, but I did get an invitation to the Tisch welcoming in April about a week before my NYU acceptance came! Best of luck :blink:

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Has anyone who applied to Tisch this year heard anything yet? I know of people who have already been accepted into other programs at NYU...

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Yes. My DD was informed of her acceptance into the dance program - she got two letters this past Wednesday. One was from the Dance Department, one was from Tisch. The Tisch letter said that the "official" university acceptance will be sent out at the end of March. A couple of her friends got the same letters on Wednesday.

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Many thanks! If you log on to the NYU Admissions website, it's clear that some letters are going out early but they caution everyone not to read anything into not getting an early notification. It seems that they're working away on the applications through the end of March!

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