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Thank you. My daughter is home for spring break. So the letter whatever it says will get to her once she gets back to school. A lot of praying and a lot of hope right now.

Again thank you....and great, great news about your daughter.

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Tried to PM you 32fouettes, but guess you don't have enough posts yet...so will try thru this thread to connect:

DD joined small professional company, and is two years into her contract...happy, and wants to stay on there. While dancing, she has continued to take two courses per semester at a local community college, and had done very well. She now thinks she'll go ahead and complete her associates degree, instead of transferring, as the other 4 year colleges within her commuter range do not offer degrees in her areas of interest...ballet, and journalism.

In thinking "down the road", do you know; can a student transfer into NYU/Tisch (or any other reputable programs you may know) for dance? Or are admissions typically only for incoming freshman? What do you see happening from your vantage point?

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Yes, I don't think I have posted enough to send or receive private messages.


You can transfer into Tisch for dance. I have only known people who transfer into the Sophomore year. The thing is that Tisch is a three year program...so indeed if a transfer was made, your daughter would most likely have to begin as a freshman again and continue through the traditional three year route of the program (except she will not have to stay for the two summers). The reasoning behind this is that dance is a different major in which you can't really cram three years worth of training into a year or two. Plus, Tisch's program is already shortened, so incoming sophomore transfers do not lose time restarting as a freshman. They are just older than everyone in their year.


Also, I'm not sure how community college credit would transfer to NYU. They may accept previous credits and they may not, simply because NYU is a private institution and pretty much make its own rules. I know that as a student now, I cannot take additional courses at a school that is not accredited as a state or private school. In other words, the bachelor's credit must be transferrable, which would exclude courses taken for an associates degree. Although you may want to double check these things because your situation would be a little different. If NYU did accept her credits, it would make it a lot easier for her to double major. But if they didn't, the journalism BA is still within reach (I would know, because I'm actually doubling in those exact majors). It's a little tight, but doable.


Also considering finishing school and apply to Tisch for grad school. The dance department offers an MFA degree. Also, NYU offers specialized master degrees in journalism (such as magazine writing, business...etc.).

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Does anyone have any experience with the wait list process for Tisch dance...does anyone know how many people are normally placed on the wait list and how many people from it in past years have been offered admission?

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I read an article a few days ago about college wait lists. It was referring to private and public schools all over the country. It said that many colleges have expanded their wait lists this year due to the economy. They are covering themselves for the accepted students whose parents lose their job or something like that and have to back out of their acceptance. It suggested that you contact the school and let them know if you're still interested if wait listed and to ask where you are on the list. Hope that helps!

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Anyone have any dorm recommendations for an incoming freshman dancer? Thanks much.

Do not request Brittany Hall, a freshman dorm. No airconditioning (important during the warm weather) and no dinning hall (important during the cold weather) Also, all freshman are mixed in together. Very nice for the dancers to meet students from other schools. :wub:

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12th Street is going to be the brand new freshman dorm, supposed to be really nice! Third North is also extremely close to the studios, apartment-style living...and has a cafeteria.

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Thanks for the thoughts on the dorms. We're heading to accepted students day tomorrow so maybe we'll get additional insights (and at least get to walk by the dorms). Is the 12th St. dorm already completely built?

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Ok here is information I got from my son who is currently at NYU, it was done on skype so I hope you understand the questions and answer. My questions are in bold, his answer in regular print. Since we were texting it not grammer form, I just copy and paste, and try to shrink it down a little. After freshman year housing is done by lottery, by Junior year some dorms can be a far as China town from the actually University.


What are the best dorm for freshman?

It depends on what you want I guess.

I thought Hayden was good for the price, location and rooms, plus the community

Rubin is the cheapest, and its location is not that bad, the rooms are ok

Third north and U-Hall are not worth it in my opinion

Weinstein is probably the best location.

Good information, for my ballet forum, students going to the dance department next year

Ah, ok

I mean third north and U-Hall are for people who need kitchens, but, everybody winds up eating in the Dining Halls, you meet a lot of people that way

But is third north and Uhall expensive?

Yes, that is why I am saying they are not worth it, unless you need to have your own kitchen.

I understand it not worth it for the price. What about Weinstein is it good price and location?

Yea, it is more expensive than Rubin and Hayden, and its location is not that much better

But it has the best dining halls so it’s extremely convenient at night.

But I'd still go with Hayden as my first choice, perhaps I'm biased though lol

One more questions after freshman year it is downhill right, or do senior get better dorms.

Well actually, sophomores get the best dorms though they are pricier, they all have kitchens in them and are bigger, although not as greatly located as most freshman dorms, but still are good location. That is if you get a good lottery pick as a sophomore, which I did not. lol

Was there a lottery for freshman?No I think its first come first serve for freshman

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A couple of questions for anyone at Tisch or anyone who knows the answer:


1) What does a daily schedule look like?

3) Is it possible to get a minor (or maybe even a double major) within 3 years, or would one have to stay an extra year for that?


Thanks so much.

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Hey guys,


About dorms. I lived in Brittany my freshman year. I really liked it there. It doesn't have AC, but it only really matters for the first month and then you're fine, although I wouldn't want to stay there for the summer. There isn't right on campus, but close enough to get to CAS courses in five minutes. It's also on a nice, quiet street full of antique shops. The rooms aren't as new as some of the other dorms, but they are the biggest rooms in all of freshman housing. I found that having a kitchen wasn't essential to your first year at school. I lived in 3rd North during my first summer program and really disliked it. It was really dirty and depressing looking...but I know a lot of people that like it there.


Weinstein is a tiny, very dorm like structure (think cinderblock) but has two dining halls. Goddard is nice and new, although you must participate in exploration activities. It's connected to the starbucks and really close to the library and kimmel. Hayden is supposed to be "the cool" dorm on campus as far as its student population goes, but good luck getting in if you weren't an early decision candidate because it usually goes first. It's also the farthest freshman dorm from the dance building because it's on the west side of the park. Rubin is simple and similar looking to Brittany and is the cheapest dorm. I haven't heard anything about 12th st...but I have seen the outside. The front is the front wall of a church that NYU tore down in order to make the dorm. It was a big ordeal because it was a historical monument. Someone mentioned something about Uhall...but it is no longer open to freshman residents and is becoming an upperclassmen dorm. All dorms have AC except for Brittany and Rubin.


A typical schedule for freshman year may look something like the following...


Pilates 8:00-9:00

Ballet 9:00-10:35

Modern 10:45-12:15

Dance composition 3:30-5:00

Writing the Essay lecture 6:30-8:30



Ballet/pointe/partnering (depending on rotation) 9:05-10:35

Modern 10:45-12:15

Writing the Essay 12:30-2:00

Music Theory 3:30-5:00



Somatics 10:00-10:45

Modern 10:45-12:15 (although I heard they may change the Wednesday format next year)

Dance composition 3:30-5:00



Pilates 8:00-9:00

Ballet/pointe/partnering (depending on rotation) 9:05-10:35

Modern 10:45-12:15

Writing the Essay 12:30-2:00

Music Theory 3:30-5:00



Ballet 9:05-10:50

Anatomy 1:45-3:15


*With an additional CAS course of your choosing somewhere...usually scheduled after 12:15 sometime most likely meeting two days a week.


This might look confusing, and it's a rough estimate as the dance technique schedule shifts a bet every year...but this is basically how the week is set up time wise although of course, the days you have the classes I listed will probably not be like this. The main idea is that pilates, ballet, pointe, partnering, and modern are always conducted in the morning ending at 12:15. After this you will most likely have Writing the Essay or another academic course at CAS. Most dance academics begin at 3:30 and continue into the evening. Rehearsals for pieces are conducted in the evening after academics.


About double majoring/minoring. Double majoring is tough to do without staying an extra session (although remember that you will have to be here for two summer sessions regardless and can take academics after dance courses are finished). Minors and easier to do and in most cases can be finished within the three years.

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In the Drama part of Tisch my son is able to take courses that were applied to both his graduation requirement and his minor. They have to fill out an Exception Wavier form. That may be sometime to look into.

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Can someone please clarify about double majors at Tisch? A (dancing) friend of my daughter's just went to an information session about Tisch and she came away, very definitely, under the impression that a dance major was not allowed to double major. She was heartbroken as she was hoping to attend (at least audition) but wanted to double major.

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