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Does anyone know how long it takes for the results of the auditions? Since they decide acceptance based on both academics and dance, do they wait until they send all the decisions (normal academic ones as well) on April 1?


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My daughter is a freshman dance major at Tisch this year. As I recall, she found out she had been accepted by the dance department via an "informal" acceptance letter some time around end of February/beginnng of March (the letter told her she had passed the dance audition and would be hearing from NYU admissions formally around April 1). She also received an invitation to a Tisch accepted students event and she got that invitation a number of weeks before April 1st. So, sometimes kids get informed of the decision before April 1st and sometimes they get their acceptances around April 1st "as advertised." Scholarship information did not come until after April 1st.

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I just received an acceptance letter from Tisch yesterday; however, I do still have to wait until April for official acceptance to NYU. Not all the way there yet, but definitely honored to have been accepted to Tisch!!

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Thanks everyone!!!

I auditioned in New York on Jan. 22. I'm not sure if I'll be attending the admitted students day yet because I still have to hear official word from NYU and because it will be difficult with finishing up school and the requirements of my current dance program.

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Hello again. 32fouettes I have another question for you.

I've been reading through the NYU/Tisch thread and it looks like you are double majoring with journalism at COS. I am actually hoping to double major in journalism as well without taking an extra year. In order to do this is it necessary to start taking courses in the journalism department right away or is it core curriculum as a freshman and then you declare the second major as a second year at Tisch? Really any information about doing both at once would be helpful. Thanks so much!!

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Just was wondering if any BTFD were at the ceremonies yesterday and today for the class of 2010. My son was not in the dance department but Drama, I was thinking of my BTFD that may have be sharing my experience as well.

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While my DD did not make it through the audition process last year, I can certainly tell you that the admissions staff are very personable, communicative and open to questions. Do not be afraid to oepn a dialogue with the school. I counsel college students, and cannot stress enough to visit the campus, talk with students, and meet your particular admissions counselor. They are also open to "introducing you" via email to a current student, just ask!


i am very sorry, but i keep seeing the words "my DD" or "DD" in some other fashion, and i am utterly confused. what in the world is a DD?

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My DD is a junior at NYU/Tisch dance. Her path included training at a performing arts high school, lots of summer intensives (NCSA, Boston Ballet, Complexions, ABT). She wanted college/conservatory training. She is ballet trained and wants to do concert dance in either contemporary ballet or modern. Her college auditions - Juilliard, Tisch, Univ. of Arizona, Univ. of Michigan, Fordham/Ailey, SUNY Purchase. She was accepted everywhere except Juilliard, many with scholarship offers. She loves Tisch and couldn't be happier.

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They do offer scholarships, also NYU has others that are available if your child has a strong academic background.

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