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Tisch School of the Arts at New York University

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The Tisch program is basically a 3-year program with two required summer sessions. In terms of scholarships, my DD got a generous academic scholarship (for each of her years at NYU) and also got a very generous Dance Department scholarship that almost covered the cost of her first summer session. We have yet to see if the summer scholarship is renewed for this, her second summer. Hope this is helpful.

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My d was pleased to receive an e-mail acceptance from Tisch yesterday evening--softened the blow of Indiana's rejection earlier in the day. We are going to the admitted students event in April but even with the scholarship Tisch is frighteningly expensive. She hasn't seen the school yet since she did a local audition-- does anyone know if it is possible to observe a dance class if we also visit on a weekday?

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Quill, Congratulations! Your dd should be so proud that she was accepted into Tisch!! While IU is hard to get into, so is NYU! Many dancers who get into one may not get into the other. A dancer who was accepted into IU's program may not have been accepted into Tisch. :D So many factors go into all of the decisions. We know of some dancers who got into all but Julliard, some got into all but IU, and some into all but NYU! Go figure. Just enjoy and know all happens for a reason :) I totally understand the cost factor but isnt IU around 35K-40K for out of state, that not much different than NYU, or am I mistaken?

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Tisch sounds like a great program!

I am a junior (very soon to be senior) and i was wondering about what kind of classes and grades did the people who got accepted into NYU, the school itself. I know that even if you get into the dance program, your not in the school!

Also, for those accepted into the dance program, what exactly are they looking for? What did you do for your solo? How many people were at your audition, and how many were cut?

I am thinking that Tisch is my top choice, so I am trying my best to cover all of the bases! I have a pretty good GPA, but am only taking one AP this year, and two next year. I have been to ABT's Orange County summer intensive twice, and will be at Boston Ballet's program this summer. Do they ask you about your summer intensives? TELL ME EVERYTHING! (:

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Does anyone know if pointe class is required at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU? Thanks for the help!

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I contacted Tisch School of the Arts at NYU this week in order to ask some questions about their program. The person I talked with mentioned that they will have a live stream of this week's performance on Thursday, December 5, and Friday, December 6 beginning at 8:00pm. My DD and I plan to watch since we live a great distance from NYC and we feel that this would be a great way to learn more about their students/program without adding an additional trip to the college search process. We did take a general tour of the campus over the summer.


Here is the link in case anyone else is interested! http://tischdanceandnewmedia.com/live.html

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Does anyone have a hotel recommendation for people coming into the city for auditions? I was hoping for something within walking distance of the audition site.

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We stayed at SoHotel, the one on Broome St. It has very tiny rooms but it was perfect for a short stay. We walked to the audition. We actually ended up walking a little farther than necessary because we didn't realize Tisch had more than one building and we ended up at the visual arts building because we got directions from someone. Also it is not right by Washington Square. I hadn't realized NYU was so spread out. So when you are looking for hotels don't use NYU as a land mark to check the distance, use the actual Tisch building address.

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Green river is right! We stayed at the Washington Square Hotel recently and, while it was very nice, it was about a 15 minute walk to the audition building. I would stay there again, though. Loved the area and the rooms were small but very nice. Good Luck!

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As I read over all the posts in this thread, it seems like the NYU dancers have a very long day. They start with dance in the morning, then academic classes, then they go back to the dance building for their dance academics. I'm curious if the dance academics (such as dance history, anatomy, etc.) require much work outside of the classroom. Also, how many academic classes do the dancers normally take each semester?

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My DD is currently a freshman at NYU. Yes, their days are very long. (morning technique classes then academic classes then back to the studios for the dance academic classes) At that point they are done or they may have a rehearsal.

Most students take two academic classes outside of Tisch each semester. All freshman must take a class called Writing the Essay both fall and spring. It is an extremely challenging and time consuming class. Then they can chose most any other class within the College of Arts and Sciences for the second. For my daughter, the dance academics have not been particularly time consuming outside of class.

My daughter absolutely LOVES NYU and has never regretted her decision!

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